10 Tips For Cycling To Work

10 Tips For Cycling To Work

Taking your bike to work is a fantastic way to help the environment, plus it gets you some much needed fresh air. Here are 10 great cycling tips for when your cycle to work.

Ask a friend to cycle with you - Cycling with a friend can make the journey so much more fun!

Try the cycle route out on a weekend - Try out the route you’re going to take before your work morning, that'll make the process so much easier.

Take some spare clothes to work - Cycling in work clothes is no fun, take a spare change of clothes with you and change when you get to work.

Use a cycle route planner - Plan your route to find the quickest way for you to get to work with no hassle.

Helmet - It goes without saying it’s important to always wear your helmet.

Learn how to change a flat -Learning simple tasks like this can save you so much hassle on your route.

Watch for parked car doors swinging open - Passengers, especially kids, don’t always see cyclists before they open their doors. Be sure to watch out for any opening doors. 

Wear clothing that can easily be seen by motorists - Mirrored helmets and bright cycling clothes are always helpful!

Begin with an achievable distance - If you’re new to cycling, maybe start with short journeys to the shop first and work your way up to cycling to work.

Bike lights - As the weather draws in and nights get darker, there’s a good chance you’ll be cycling home in the dark.

Those are our 10 handy tips for when you cycle your way to work!

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