10 Tips For Cycling Around The Isle Of Wight

10 Tips For Cycling Around The Isle Of Wight

The Isle Of Wight is a gorgeous place to visit. There’s no better place to explore by bike. Here are some great tips if you’re cycling around this fantastic place for the first time.

Explore - This beautiful part of the world holds so many incredible sights. Don’t be afraid to explore everything the Isle Of Wight has to offer.

Friends - Explore this beautiful place with friends or family. This is the best way to enjoy your journey even more than you would by yourself.

Breaks - Remember to take breaks, try a new cafe or pub every day and try something new!

Prepare - Don’t forget to prepare for all weather. Bring your waterproofs and summer wear just in case the weather dramatically changes!

Plan - It’s important to plan your route, even just a section of it. That'll make you more of a confident rider around an unknown place.

Off-Road - Don’t be afraid to head off-road and get yourself into some incredible fields. This is a great way to see the breathtaking scenery.

Lights - Make sure you’ve attached lights to your bike so you’re visible in case you ride longer than you intended to.

The perfect bike - It’s important to make sure you know what kind of bike you’ll need. Tough terrain calls for mountain bikes whilst tarmac calls for a road bike.

Hydrate - Bring your water bottle along for the trip, it’s important to stay hydrated on your journey.

Traffic - If you’re unfamiliar with a place, try to stay away from the roads, especially the busy ones. This is how injuries occur, especially if you’re not paying attention.

Now you’re all ready to go, why not plan some great places to visit by bike with some great cycling trails in the Isle Of Wight.

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