10 Tips For Cycling The Cabot Trail

10 Tips For Cycling The Cabot Trail

If you’re taking a trip to the fantastic Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia (Canada) this summer then there are some great places to see by bike. Before you head off, we have some fantastic tips you can use on your summer holiday.


Weather - Prepare for plenty of wind and make sure you’ve checked the weather forecast before you embark on your holiday. 

Packing - Pack Lightly, this way you won’t need to carry to much as well as your bike if you’re taking one with you.

Camping - If you’re camping, it’s important to remember not all campsites have water.

Reservation - If you’re planning to stay in a hotel, it’s important you reserve beforehand and plan. 

Bike hire - If you’re planning to hire a bike, make sure you’ve scouted out local bike shops ahead of time. 

Clothing - Take hiking boots since the terrain is uneven and unpredictable.

Nature - Beware of bears and coyotes in this area and make sure you stay away from them.

Bike maintenance
If you’re taking your girl's vintage bike with you, make sure you have properly maintained your bike before leaving.

Prep your route
- Since you’re likely a tourist in this area, make sure you plan your route ahead of time.

Go with a friend
- There’s nothing better than taking off on a trip like this with your friends!

Now you’re all ready to go with these great tips!

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