10 Tips For Cycling On The Road

10 Tips For Cycling On The Road

If you’re new to cycling, no matter your age, it can be nerve-wracking taking to the road for the first time. Here are some helpful tips for your first time on the road with a bike.

Obey traffic lights and signs - It’s important to remember the rules of the road and stop at traffic lights and obey the signs as a car would.

Wear a helmet - Never leave and ride a bike without your helmet, especially if you’re new to cycling.

Keep your bike in good condition - Keeping your bike healthy will prevent accidents from occurring. 

Avoid the pavement unless it’s a cycle route - You’re subject to a fine if you ride on the pavement without a designated cycle route.

Be aware of slippery surfaces - Keep an eye out for wet surfaces and pavements, these can cause injury if you don’t pay attention.

Use lights - Make sure you can be seen in the dark by others around you with lights and reflective accessories.

Clearly signal - Remember drivers and pedestrians need to know if you’re turning so don’t be afraid to be clear when signalling.

Use your bell - Your bell is there for a reason so use it, and help out pedestrians who might not be able to see you.

Be aware of lorry blind spots - Make sure you know where a car or lorry blind spots might be. You’ll be preventing injury in both parties. 

Be aware of your speed around pedestrians - Don’t cycle too fast if you are on a pavement cycle route.

Now, with these handy tips, you’re ready to head onto the road and get cycling.

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