10 Tips For Cycling On Ice

10 Tips For Cycling On Ice

Taking to your bike in icy conditions and cold weather doesn’t need to be scary. You can conquer it with these great simple steps!

Roads - Stick to treated roads, this means you’re less likely to slip when you’re cycling.

Corners - Be cautious around corners, take them slowly so you’re less likely to bump into another rider, pedestrians or cars.

Brakes - Take it easy on the brakes, allow longer braking time. This means you’re less likely to slip when it comes to stopping your bike.

Tyre conditions - Keep your tyres in a healthy condition by keeping them well maintained and checking on them.

Wrap up - Gloves, warm coats and hats are a great way to keep your body temperature up as you ride your bike.

Studded tyres - This is a great option for gripping the road. You can change your tyres over as you please.

Flat pedals - This is another great option for grip. Try to avoid pedals that have straps in case you need to stop suddenly.

Speed - Cycle slowly and cautiously, this is the best way to avoid slipping.

Visibility - Wear mirrored helmets, use lights and wear reflective coats to make sure other road users can see you in icy conditions.

Route planning - Make sure you’re well aware of your route before you head off. This will help to avoid any sudden stops.

With these fantastic tips, you’re all ready to cycle on ice, on holiday, or in the coming winter months.

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