10 Tips For Cycling Long Distance

10 Tips For Cycling Long Distance

Cycling long distances might be a challenge you’ve set yourself or maybe you’re commuting to work. Here, we have some great ways you can help yourself on a long bike journey.

Pedal - Use your pedalling power wisely and keep your pace at a steady rate.

Food - Make sure you stop off well and often to grab snacks or have a food break.

Mentality - Your mind is your most powerful asset, believe you can do this! 

Bike maintenance - It’s important to make sure your bike is well enough to handle this journey.

Water - Keep drinking often, especially in hot weather!

Route prep - Plan your route so you’re confident when you start riding.

Comfortable clothing - Tight clothing is better for aerodynamics but make sure you’re comfy too.

Weather - Check the weather before you head off so you know what you’re going to wear and what to bring.

Group - Go with a friend and make your time more enjoyable.

Type of bike - Bring a lightweight bike, especially if you’re going to be on the road.

Now you’ve got some great tips, why not head off and enjoy some fresh air!

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