10 Tips For Cycling In a Group

10 Tips For Cycling In a Group

Cycling with friends and riding your bike in a group is great. But, besides taking your helmet and grabbing your water bottle, there are some fantastic things you can do to help when you’re in a group.

Point out hazards - If you see something along the way, let everyone know!

Communicate - Communication is key when you’re cycling with others.

Spacing - Leave a good amount of spacing behind others just in case they drop back or brake suddenly. 

Slow on the brakes - Try to stay away from sudden braking, go slow and let others know.

Road Rules - Obey them, don’t make everyone unsafe by riding through red lights or on the wrong side of the road.

Be on time - A big part of cycling with a group is making sure you’re on time to start the ride.

Pace yourself - Don’t burn out too quickly, pace yourself and prepare yourself for any steep hills.

New riders - Don’t be afraid to let the other riders know if you’re new to riding.

Look - Make sure you glance every now and then at the other riders to see how they’re doing and anticipate their moves.

Maintenance - Make sure your bike is well maintained before you set off.


You’re all ready to go! Get going and see some sights!

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