10 Tips For Cycling Against The Wind

10 Tips For Cycling Against The Wind

You don’t need to be nervous about riding your bike in strong weather. It’s scary, especially against the wind, but we have some great tips to help you on your way.

Change your wheels - Leave your deep-section wheels for less of a windy day!

Spacing - Don't get too close to your fellow riders' wheels, a gust could send you sideways.

Positioning - Ride and tuck in low to the bars to increase stability.

Team work - Work with other riders to create shelter.

Prep - Be prepared for gusts when passing gaps in hedges or between buildings.

Wind Warnings - Check the weather and make sure there aren’t any weather warnings!

Debris - Be careful of any flying debris that might come your way.

Wrap up - The wind can make it feel colder so grab your gloves and coat!

Thunderstorms - With strong winds, thunderstorms come close. Take a break if this type of weather occurs.

Tight clothes - Baggy coats catch the wind so make sure your clothes are tight fitting.

Avoid - Try to avoid midday, this is when the road is busiest and weather can be at its worst.

All you have to do now is grab some great accessories and get going!

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