10 Tips For Bike Riding as a Beginner

10 Tips For Bike Riding as a Beginner

No matter if you’re an adult learning to ride a bike for the first time or you’ve got kids you want to teach when it comes to cycling, we have all of the tips you’ll ever need! Keep reading to learn all there is. Why not grab some hendy tools as well?!

Buy - You’ll need to start by buying the right bike for you. This way, you’ll be excited when it arrives and comfortable on a bike you know you’ll love.

Comfort - Get comfortable on your bike first before you head off on a bike ride. Sit on your bike in your house or garden and make sure you’re familiar with it.

Club - A great way to get more into cycling is to join a cycling club and meet like minded people. There are great ones out there for beginners.

Saddle - If your saddle is uncomfortable, make sure you change it!

Road - Don’t go onto the road unless you’re confident and comfortable. Start with quiet roads and build yourself up slowly. 

Puncture - It’s a great idea to clue yourself up on how to fix a puncture!

GPS - If you’re going out on your own and you’re not a confident rider, tell someone where you’re going and let them track your route through GPS tracking apps.

Helmet - Get yourself a new helmet, one you know you’ll love and that will protect you.

Friends - Ride with friends, this makes the journey easier and more exciting. 

Clothing - What you wear matters. You don’t want any baggy clothes since they’ll slow you down, but you should also dress for the weather.

Now you have these great tips, you’re ready to get out on your bike!

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