Our New Bobbin Kingfisher Bike

Our New Bobbin Kingfisher Bike


Here at Bobbin, we're constantly aiming to expand and improve the range of product's we offer. And, we think you'll agree that our newest adult bike model is one of our best ones yet!

The Bobbin Kingfisher effortlessly balances our definitive retro aesthetic with cutting-edge components - giving you the best of both worlds.

Luckily for you, the Kingfisher is available for preorder now!

And, if you're still not convinced this bike is for you, here are just some of the features that set our Kingfisher apart from the crowd.

The Lightweight Frame 

Our Kingfisher commuter frame is made out of Chromoly steel. You may have heard it named as one of the best materials to build a bike with, but why?

The primary benefit of Chromoly steel is its weight. Or lack thereof. Chromoly can maintain the same strength as other bike materials but at a fraction of the weight. This translates into it being able to move at a faster speed and be carried easily.

This is why we consider the Kingfisher an ideal city bike for commuters.

It is crucial that you shouldn't become exhausted from moving your bicycle around. You'll need to transport it from your office to where you can begin cycling or from your flat down the stairs.

And, you'll be able to do this with ease because of the material.

We're big Chromoly steel fans - and if you buy a Kingfisher, you're guaranteed to join the fan club!


kingfisher bobbin bike studio pic

Shimano Tourney 7 Speed Gears

Shimano is a Japanese company synonymous with groupset parts of the bike - the cranks, chainrings, chain, cassette, brakes, derailleurs, and shifters.

And the Shimano Tourney is a top-of-the-range thumb gear-shifter. A thumb shifter sits on the handlebars, next to the brake levers for easy gearing.

One of the benefits of a thumb shifter is that it allows you to shift through a range of gears quickly. So, if you suddenly came from flat ground to a hill, you can adjust accordingly.

Shimano Tourney's have been praised for the simple mechanism that allows them to be hardwearing. They're perfect for commuter road bikes - and so we had to include it in the Kingfisher!

The seven gears allow you to adapt to a wide range of surroundings speeds. The first gear is suited for climbing hills and slow cycling, and the seventh for fast downhill periods. You'll be covered wherever your route takes you.

Iconically Bobbin

We're proud of the details that make Bobbin bikes unique. There are certain things that you expect when purchasing a Bobbin, and the Kingfisher is no different

It includes the colour-matched mudguards and the embossed and stitched sprung saddle that come with every Bobbin. This sprung saddle is a bit different to our usual one. It's the same fantastic quality - but also vegan.

The bike is available in some of your favourite Bobbin colours - blueberry, black, and moody blue.

Plus, this allows you to sport one of our stunning Bobbin bike helmets, which you can match to your bike to help you ride in style.


kingfisher bobbin studio pic 2

Make it Your Own

While we recognise that it may be the classic Bobbin design that draws you to our products, we also want you to be able to customise your bike.

That's why we designed the Kingfisher with modification and personalisation in mind. 

Fancy adding a front basket?

  • The moustache shaped handlebars are not solely for style. The flat part is ideal for attaching a bike basket.
  • Plus, the short head tube creates the perfect space for the basket to sit.
  • We'd recommend our Urban Basket to complement your Kingfisher.

Fancy adding a rear rack?

  • Not all bikes are compatible with rear racks. Some require additional hardware to fit one or cannot at all.
  • A rear rack can be attached above the Kingfisher's rear wheel with ease.
  • You can use this rear rack to add a child seat, panniers or just as a fashionable addition to your bike.
  • Our Lightweight Urban Carrier Rack is perfect for this. It may be light, but it's made to withstand whatever heavy load you throw at it.

And, don't think we'd forget about decorations. Customise your frame with garlands, bungees, and funky bells to your heart's content!

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is fast approaching, and what could be a more thoughtful gift than a quality bike?

The Kingfisher is the ultimate urban bike built for smooth rides in the city. It's a gift that keeps giving to your loved one who's fed up with their daily tube trips.

Or, if your nearest and dearest spends their ride to work on a bike that causes them grief. Whether that's because it's low quality or because they chose a single speed bike. Their current bike might not be able to handle their surroundings.

So, the Kingfisher will be a welcome improvement.

And at a price of £589, the quality of the item doesn't translate into an extortionate price. Pitch in with other relatives to make your loved one's day!

... Or you can pick one up for yourself this Christmas - you deserve it!

Preorder your Kingfisher today!


 Frame 52cm Chromoly steel
Weight 12kg
Grips Kraton
Gear and Shifter Shimano Trigger and Shimano Tourney 7 speed
Pedals Alloy rat trap style
Wheels Double wall alloy with stainless steel spokes, 700cc



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