The New Bobbin Birdie

The New Bobbin Birdie

If you’re looking for a new bike then we’ve got you covered! The Bobbin Birdie Lightweight Bike is the newest bike and the latest in the Bobbin Birdie collection. 

If you want to find out all you can about this brand new shiny adult bike, keep reading below!

The New Bobbin Birdie 

Who doesn’t love getting their hands on a brand new bike, perfectly finished wheels, a sleek frame with a gloss finish and a brand new comfy seat perfect for some great riding adventures! A brand new bike is even better when the bike itself is new out! 

Keep reading below to take a delve into the beautiful details of this sparkly new bike!


Lightweight Frame

The new Bobbin Birdie step-through bike is a beautiful lightweight bike frame perfect for all of those shopping trips or commutes to work. The lightweight frame allows you to speed to your destination quicker since the bike isn’t heavy. 

Having a frame that's easy to move will ensure you don’t exhaust yourself when you’re riding this bike. You’ll be able to make it to the office or shops with minimal effort! 

Popping Colours

Who doesn’t love a bike with some fun, unique and modern colours?! 

This brand new bike comes in four subtle but fun colours perfect for anyone who wants to make the bike their own. You can find this bike in Plum, Black, Blueberry and Moody Blue. Each exciting colour comes with a gloss finish, helping to make your bike look modern as you ride it through your hometown! 

These modern and unique colours allow you to twist the bike into any direction of style you'd like! By adding a silver bell and a wicker bike basket, you could give the bike a traditional look. If you add a saddlebag and some bike lights, you'll be able to enhance the modern feel of the bike.

Eye-catching Details

The new Bobbin Birdie comes with some great details you just won’t want to miss, from the handlebars to the wheels, here are the wonderful details you’ll love:

Swept-back handlebars - These are great for offering the rider a comfortable seating position. They help the rider to stay in an upright position and increase visibility on the roads, plus this helps to keep a relaxed riding position!

Sprung saddle - These are great for offering comfort. When you’re riding, a sprung saddle will stay in place without the riding sinking in the seat with each pedal. 

Mudguards - This feature helps to increase the longevity of the bike, making sure there is minimal damage from mud and anything else that may fly from the floor to the tyres as you ride.

Ringer bell - A bell is always a handy little feature to have. They help, of course, to keep you safe but they also look great no matter the style of bike you’re aiming for.

The Gears

This beautifully finished bike comes with 7 great gears for you to be able to enjoy your riding experience and we’re here to explain them to you! 

Gears 1 - 4: These gears are the easiest gears to use, they’re ideal for pedalling up steep hills and bumpy surfaces. 

Gears 5 - 7: If you’re wanting to get on with some regular cycling along a cycle lane, a road or along flat surfaces then these are the perfect gears to use.

Although it might seem daunting, the gears are easy to use and by using the right one, you're able to have a relaxed ride, this bike makes a great adventure bike with some great gear options for different surfaces. 


Personal Touch

So now you’ve got the perfect bike placed into your basket, but before you click pay, here are some great (and necessary) accessories you would love to go with your new bike.

Front basket: If you’re planning lots of commutes on this bike then a front basket is perfect for all of your journeys. They’re great for carrying your shopping in, your personal items and anything else! There are plenty of bike basket styles available! 

Rear basket: If you’re worried about visibility or you’re just looking for bigger storage space on your bike, a rear basket would be the perfect option. These tend to hook over the back wheel offering you double the space!

Under-seat bag: These bags are perfect for carrying your phone, keys and any small items in. This bag is easily concealed so there’s little chance of anyone spotting it and since it’s under your seat, rainwater getting into the bag isn’t an issue.

Rear rack: If you’re opting for a rear bike basket, you’ll need to get yourself a rear bike rack with it so you can fix it onto your bike! 

Bike light: Safety is a key part of staying safe whilst cycling, make sure you’re visible to other riders, pedestrians and road users by getting yourself a bike light, we have both rear and front bike lights available so you’ve got every reason to stay extra safe! 

Helmet: What’s more important than keeping yourself safe?! Get yourself a new helmet with your new bike and keep yourself safe from any accidents that may crop up on your journey. 

Bike Style Explained

The new bike is sorted, the new accessories have been chosen, but you still want to know more. The Birdie Step-Through Bike is a mix of a Dutch Bike frame and city bike, but, what are these styles?

A Dutch Bike is a bike built for practicality. Dutch bikes come with an assortment of accessories already added on (each bike is different and will come with different added features). Generally, these accessories will be a bell, a kickstand, a basket and a light.

It’s important to check the specifications of the bike before purchasing to see if these are the accessories your bike will come with,

City bikes - like Dutch bikes - are built for practicality and comfort. On these bikes, you’ll find the frame to have an upright seating position so the rider isn’t bent over as they would be with a normal bike (otherwise known as road bicycles), ensuring a relaxed riding position.

There are so many different types of bikes available, mountain bikes are perfect for rough terrain, road bikes are great for cycle tracks, a hybrid bike, a folding bike and an electric bike is perfect for a commute (folding bikes are great to take on public transport) and balance bikes are intended for young kids.

There are some great ways to get more into cycling too if you're just starting out. Why not try joining cycling clubs and meet some great new friends who love bikes just as much as you! Cycling has so many great benefits, reducing the risk of heart disease, for example, just make sure you're giving yourself enough breaks!

Bikes are a great eco-friendly mode of transport, you're able to help reduce air pollution and make sure you stay fit and healthy as much as you can. Upright bicycles help to maintain the right back posture, keeping you from straining your back, so this bike is perfect with a seat and handlebars that help you achieve this.

Now all that’s left to do is grab yourself your own Bobbin Birdie lightweight bike frame and go on endless adventures with the people you love, ready to explore all there is, this is the perfect mode of transport if you're looking to venture into the world some more!

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