The Best Kids Bike Helmets

The Best Kids Bike Helmets

Riding your bike is a fun experience for any child, but it’s of course just as important to make sure they’re wearing their helmet whilst having all the fun in the world. Getting your child to wear a helmet might not be the easiest task, but with our bright and colourful range of kids helmets they can choose themselves, they’ll always want to grab their helmet!

Keep reading below to find out more about the kid's bike helmets we have available! 

Green helmet(Green Skylark Helmet)


There are so many benefits to wearing a helmet whilst cycling, they do a great job at preventing head injuries, neck injuries and so much more. Plus there are cycling laws and restrictions when it comes to cycling. All of these benefits and laws allow you to have a safe and comfortable ride. Some of the best benefits include:

blue helmet

(Blueberry Skylark Helmet)

They prevent injury

This is what they’re meant to do, but this makes wearing a helmet even more important. Children tend to be unstable on bikes and although most injuries will be small cuts and grazes, it’s always a good idea to make sure the serious injuries don’t even stand a chance at happening. 

(Duck Egg Starling Helmet)

They keep them warm

Getting your kids out in winter is never easy, it’s always too cold or too wet. By giving them a helmet to wear, they’re going to stay even warmer as the bitter wind sweeps past them.

bronze helmet

(Bronze Mirror Mirror Helmet)


You can never predict the weather, so if by chance it does happen to start pouring it down whilst you’re outside, a helmet will prevent visibility issues. They keep the rain off their forehead and prevent it from dripping into their eyes. They've also often got air vents to help keep their head cool in the summer months.

Green helmet(Bobbin Starling Star Helmet)


Although kids helmets are labelled as kids helmets, if you’re a smaller adult, the XS helmet size is ideal rather than an adult helmet. Compared to adult bike helmets, the only difference is the fact they’re smaller in size. There’s no difference in how they protect you or the other benefits a helmet gives. As long as your helmet fits, you don't always need the adult version!

It’s more important to make sure you get yourself the correct helmet size compared to anything else. If the helmet is too big, it won’t protect you from injury properly.

 silver star helmet

(Bobbin Starling silver Helmet) 

Our Helmets

All of our fun and bright helmets are unisex, perfect for everyone and anyone. We’ve got a wide range of colourful (and subtle) helmets ideal no matter what your taste is! Here are some of the great kid's bike helmets we have to offer! Plus we have wide and simple size ranges to help you choose your helmet!

pink helmet

(Pink Skylark Helmet)

The Skylark Range

If it's a small bike helmet you want, we've got you covered! Below, are our two ranges available in extra small cycle helmets, perfect for kids and small adults. You're going to find this range in three modern and popping colours, creating a stylish helmet for you or your child. 

Skylark helmet (Pink) - This style is more for traditional helmets. With gaps at the top, this is ideal for summer bike rides since your head won’t get too hot in the sun so you can ride comfortably with additional protection.

Skylark helmet (green) - If pink isn’t quite your thing then we’ve got the Skylark helmet available in an incredible green colour too. Perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd whilst staying safe on their bike!

Skylark helmet (blueberry) - This bike helmet comes in a deep blue colour, better known as blueberryThis style of bike helmet comes with vents at the side and of course, that much-needed head protection!

pink helmet

The Starling Range

The staling range of bike helmets comes in numerous colours, bright, fun and modern. You'll also be able to find two helmets in this range with stars on the helmet, great for an added extra if you're looking to be unique! 

Starling bike helmet (pink)- This gorgeous blossom pink bike helmet is ideal for those of us who love bright colours that stand out from the crowd. Coming in an XS, this is perfect for young kids and small adults.

Starling bike helmet (blue) - Again, if pink isn’t quite your thing, the Starling bike helmet is also available in a modern bold colour of duck egg blue. Again, this is perfect for children and smaller adults since it’s available in an XS.

Starling bike helmet (Red) - Available anywhere from small to large, this bike helmet is a stylish choice for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. With an adjustable chin strap, you're bound to find the right size to fit you!

Blue helmet

(Duck Egg Starling helmet)


Finding the right-sized bike helmet needn't be a hard choice. Plenty of helmets have adjustable straps to help make sure your size helmet fits just as it should. You're bound to find a child helmet, affordable helmet and comfortable helmets when you delve through our vast range, but first, here's a brief guide to our sizing.

XS - Extra Small: Our extra small helmets are suited for children and smaller adults. These are the smallest in the range of helmets we have and offer extra protection to even the smallest heads. These can also be used as a toddler bike helmet.

S/M - Small/ Medium: This size is in the middle of the range. Although your head size is important, you've also got to make sure the adjustable chin strap is long enough to extend if you need to. 

M/ L - Medium/ Large: This bicycle helmet size is the largest we offer. As long as your head fits comfortably in the helmet and the chin strap is tight (although not too tight) around your chin then this is ideal.

Don't forget to pair your helmet with a rear light or an LED light to make sure you're visible to road users. With our simple but vast range of sizes and colours, plus tons of ventilation and a colourful design, there's no going wrong.

It's always important to remember to wear your cycling helmet as an adult too. This sets a good example for your kids and everyone else around you. This will end up encouraging them to grab their helmet before they leave and stay safe whilst riding their bike. All of our helmets meet safety standards and you can be sure you're all going to be well protected when you're out and about. 

With endless helmets to choose from, there's no way you'll be able to go wrong. As long as you've chosen the perfect design for you and the correct size, you've done everything right. Now all you have to do is head off on a brand new journey and explore the sights.

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