How To Personalise Your Children’s Bike

How To Personalise Your Children’s Bike

The little ones will feel overjoyed having their own balance bikes to play with. Excitement for the youngsters, pedalling forward on the road on their pedal bikes.

Bicycles, indeed, make childhood extra fun and venturesome. But sometimes, those little details make all the difference and make it their own.

Making your kid’s bike look cooler with fun accessories will take their excitement level up a notch! Here, we’ll explore some of the best options for personalising two wheels. With some helpful tips on what to consider when adding bike accessories as a bonus!

Bike Accessories for Kids Bikes

Children love exploring the world around them. Cycling can be a great way to introduce them to that independent travel. But of course, it’s very important to ensure their safety on their bike ride.

One of the best ways to guarantee this is by outfitting kids bikes with the right accessories. Not only do bike accessories make cycling safer, but they’re also unique and chic. Such attachments allow for more enjoyable riding as well.

Mixing craft time with biking can be an excellent win-win situation for the kids and parents, to add. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beloved old unit, giving it a new lease of life. Or a brand new one and want to colour-match the components.

You can add accessories for kids bikes like tassels, baskets, bells, and even garlands. But these fun customisations don’t need to stop there. For upgrades, consider stabilisers, light sets, as well as a water bottle holder. Maybe get some multicoloured spokes or pedals - or design a custom logo and have it printed as a sticker or decal.

We’re pleased to present some of the coolest range of bike accessories you and your kid can choose from:


Handlebar Tassels

Gone are the days of plain-looking bike handlebar grips. The kids, especially the young ladies, will surely love the addition of streamers. Also known as tassels, this attachment adds an extra oomph and flair to the grips.

These tassel streamers are usually made of durable ribbons. If you and the children are feeling creative, you can go the DIY route. For instance, using colourful ribbons and mixing them with coloured strings.

As for the length, this will depend on the bike size and personal preference. For small bikes for kids, 9 ½” lengths of streamers are ideal. Of course, adult bikes are also welcome to level up their bike handlebar grips with these. Experts recommend 14”.

Show this Handlebar Tassels to your kid, and they’ll love it, that’s for sure! It comes in a set of two satin handlebar tassels, handmade - with Bobbin branding. Multiple colour options are available: Blue, Red, Yellow, and Pink.

Once attached to a moving bike, the streamers add a sense of freedom, as if the wind is blowing through your hair. Read this to learn more about what bike streamers are.


Shire Kids Bike Basket

Having somewhere to put personal belongings on long rides is an invaluable addition. Cue baskets, which add both extra storage and style to any bicycle, your kid’s bike included.

Little riders can store items from their adventures or haul favourite toys from home. They can bring their stuffed animal or invite their pet for a ride. Besides play, baskets also come in handy for holding essential riding items. These include a picnic lunch or water bottles.

Last but not least, baskets can add a touch of style and colour to the bike. This is especially true for products that feature striking designs or bright colours. But sometimes, simplicity is key — and if that’s something your child wants, go for this Shire Kids Bike Basket!

It’s a hobbity front basket with a chunky wicker weave for collecting conkers and pebbles. It fits 12” and 16” Bobbin bikes. Note: The adjustable straps are not included.


Bike Basket Garland Craft Kit

For years, kids have added decorations to their bicycles, like streamers and stickers. Another popular decoration that’s been increasing in popularity is bike garlands. Bike garlands are typically made of ribbon and paper and usually hung on the bike frame or handlebar.

Popular styles include flower crowns featuring both real and artificial flowers. Or wreaths adorned with colourful Nordic pom-poms. Specific designs include themed flags for adventurous riders and much more!

Bike garlands are a great way to add some colour and pzazz – plus, they’re super fun and easy to make. The kids can make their own using ribbon scraps, old clothing or fabric remnants. Throw in some trinkets, such as small bells and wooden beads, to give it some extra charm and personality.

But for an instant bike makeover, why not get one of these playful garland craft kits? Jute string and cute felt shapes to be used as decoration on your child’s wicker basket. Easy to construct, and multiple colour options available.


Embossed Ringer Bell

In our previous post, we talked about how a bike bell can keep cyclists of all levels safe on the road. But it turns out that these ‘ding-dong’ bike accessories can be more than just a “keeping a child safe” item.

Not only will a bike bell add a refreshing splash of colour or charm to your little one’s bike. But it’ll also allow them to make some noise on their rides! Here are our top picks for kids’ bike bells that provide both fun and safety:

 Ding Dong Bell

Ding Dong Bell

Price: £15

Level up from your average bike bell with this classic doorbell-style bell. Multiple colour options available; made of chrome steel.

 Embossed Ringer Bell

Embossed Ringer Bell

Price: £9

What makes the ringer bell even better? Multiple colour options are available! From blossom pink to duck egg blue, these bells are the perfect way to spruce up your Bobbin bike this season.

Ciao Bike Bells

Ciao Bike Bells

Price: £15

Ciao Bella! Ciao Bello! Made in Italy, these bells are specifically designed to flirt with passers-by. Available in four colours: gold treasure, ancient bronze, flawless ivory, and shiny copper.

With so many different styles of bells, it’s now easier to help kids customise their wheel bikes. So why not load up on these fun finds and get ready for some adventures ahead?


Adding stabilisers to a kid’s bike can do wonders. One, they provide the necessary safety measures. Two, they also allow children to learn and feel more confident in their abilities.

Stabilisers work by reducing the amount of speed at which your child cycles. In simpler terms, they reduce any chance of cycling accidents, e.g. when they become out of balance.

Skylark Stabilisers

You can find several renowned stores that sell quality stabilisers, like Bobbin. Take a look at these Skylark Stabilisers, for example. They come in cream-coloured plastic wheels, and satin silver painted arms. Plus, a bracket to attach to the bike.

Our Skylark Stabilisers are compatible with 12” and 16” bikes. Also, with 20” bikes with a derailleur extension kit.

Bike lights

Bike lights are one of the essential and must-have bike accessories. They provide visibility and ‘coolness’, boosting your little cyclist’s confidence.

There are three main types of bike lights: headlamps, running lights, and tail or side lamps. Headlamps typically emit a focused beam ideal for nighttime riding. Running lights are good for general visibility, offering an even amount of illumination. Tail lamps also provide extra safety by alerting drivers that someone is ahead.

Adding high-visibility lights, e.g. rear lights, to their rides can mitigate some road risks. This makes them visible to cars and pedestrians alike. At the same time, such accessories can offer peace of mind, especially for parents.

Shop our available bike lights below:

Classic Bike Headlamp

Classic Bike Headlamp

Price: £19

This bike headlamp comes with a black plastic bracket and fork-mounting bracket. 3x AAA batteries are also included.

Circle Bike Light (Rear)

Circle Bike Light (Rear)

Price: £19

This single rear light is rechargeable, with a quick-release rubber mounting strap. Visible up to 900m, featuring a circular ring COB high brightness LED.

Button Bike Light Set

Button Bike Light Set

Price: £9

The cutest bike light companion for kids bikes! It comes in a set of two double LED elastic lights, visible up to 700 metres. No bracket needed, and can fit anywhere on their bicycles. Multiple colour options are also available.

Water bottle holder

Water bottle holders have become a common feature in children’s bikes. They make it easy for your little tykes to stay hydrated while biking and free up their hands. What’s more, they also make practical bike accessories!

You can attach the holder or cage to the seat tube or the down tube part of the bike frame. Cages usually mount to standard 22.2mm handlebars with an integrated clamp.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

When selecting a holder, make sure you choose a size that will fit the type and size of the water bottle they use. Children are more likely to be carrying plastic bottles with squeeze-top designs.

Overall, water bottle cages encourage children to stay hydrated during strenuous journeys. It’s something they should have equipped on their two wheels to keep moving forward.


These are just some ways that you can personalise your children’s bike with fun accessories. Not only will they give their bike ride an added sense of style, but also keep their time on the road safe and enjoyable. Make sure to let your child choose and help by getting them to design their dream perfect bike!

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