Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Bikes

Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Bikes

Choosing a brand new bike for yourself is an exciting task. You’re searching every corner of the internet to find yourself the right bike, the perfect bike. However, with endless options available at the click of the button, it’s not always easy to decipher which is the best.

So in the post below, you’re going to find out everything you need to know about hybrid bikes and the benefits of owning one. Plus we’re going to share some must-have accessories to go along with your new purchase!

 Kingfisher bobbin bike

(Kingfisher Bobbin bike)

What are hybrid bikes?

A hybrid bicycle is a mixture of a road bike - or a normal bike - and a mountain bike. They're designed to be able to withstand a mixture of tough and smooth terrains, just as a mountain bike or road bike would separately. You'll find you're able to do a wider range of cycling on these bikes.

They tend to have large handlebars and an upright seating style and upright handlebars that help to maintain a comfortable riding position. They’re best for casual riding compared to long-distance cycling and can be ridden on mixed terrain, such as cycle paths and light trails for the casual cyclist, to tough and harsh terrain by mountains.

Hybrid bike frames are generally heavier so they’re stronger if you do choose to ride on bumpy terrain, but this does mean they’re not as lightweight or efficient as road bikes if you’re opting for a smoothly paved route. There are also kids' hybrid bikes for children who need a multipurpose model.

kingfisher bobbin bike

(Kingfisher Bobbin bike)

Benefits Of Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes have plenty of benefits since they’re a mixture of two different styles of bikes. If you’re wanting to grab yourself a hybrid bike, here are the helpful benefits to your new style of bike:

Comfortable: Hybrid bikes have an upright seating position, this makes this type of bike more comfortable than the classic bikes. This helps to maintain good posture and reduces the risk of an overuse injury. Plus it adds the bonus of a comfortable ride!

Versatile: Since they’re a mix of two very different bikes, the hybrid bike can be ridden on various different surfaces. This means you’re able to take more trips and adventures without needing a different bike.

Great Visibility and Control: Again, due to the upright riding position, you’ll find your control and visibility is greatly increased. You’re able to see the paved roads or pavement better and you’ll have more control over your steering. 

Able to Carry Extra Weight: Seeing as this is a mix of a mountain bike, the frame is heavier and overall better equipped to carry heavier luggage. This means you’re able to carry more on your journeys to and from different places.

These are some of the main and great benefits of owning a hybrid bike. They’re better equipped, more versatile and an easier and more adaptable bike to own.

Hummingbird bobbin bike

(Hummingbird Bobbin bike)

Our Hybrid Bikes

With all of this information already, you must be ready to get yourself a hybrid bike! Finding one is the next step and of course, we have some great hybrid bikes to offer. Take a delve into the products below and find your perfect match:

Hummingbird Vintage Bike - This beautiful bike comes in a range of three fun and subtle colours. Coming in the sizes of small and medium, this bike is perfect if you’re looking at making plenty of trips in an eco-friendly way.

Kingfisher Commuter Bike - This incredible bike comes in a range of three classic colours. You could add a pop of colour to this bike by adding a fun bright bell or a brightly coloured basket. You can find this bike at the starting price of £589.

Brownie7 bobbin bike

(Brownie Bobbin Bike)

Different Types Of Bikes

Choosing the right bike doesn’t need to be a tough task. To help you make sure you’re choosing the right bike for yourself, we’re going to delve into the different types of bikes and what they’re best used for. 

  • Electric bikes: This type of bike is best used if you’re taking plenty of journeys and would like a bit of assisted pedalling on your trip. These bikes, however, depending on your place of purchase, aren’t always great for wet weather cycling and do need the battery charged.
  • Road bikes: Regular road bikes are considered the ‘normal bike’ or the ‘classic bike’. This is because, on your trip out, regular road bikes are the most common bike you’re going to see. Perfect for taking trips to the shops, journeys to work and riding with family or friends.
  • Mountain bikes: This type of bike is ideal for tougher and harsher types of terrain. These are great for - you guessed it - mountain biking! They have a heavier frame and are able to withstand harsher bumps, they also have wide tyres to help with the impact of the harsh ground and are better to withstand bad weather. Their frame sizes are also larger.
  • Dutch bikes: This type of bike is perfect for anyone who wants to get themselves into cycling over the endless trips in cars. They come with various weatherproofing features for all weather conditions as well as a few handy accessories already added on. They're also well known for having flat handlebars and being in an upright position.
  • Folding bikes: Folding bikes are the bikes you’re going to most commonly see amongst commuters, especially in places such as London. They’re easy to fold down and take onto public transport, these are the most common city bikes you'll see, great for road riding as a casual rider.

Kingfisher bobbin bike

(Kingfisher Bobbin Bike)

How To Maintain Hybrid Bikes

Looking after your bike and keeping on top of maintenance is a key aspect of owning a bike. Make sure all or any punctures are taken care of, rust is tackled ad any dents or scrapes are mended. There are some great ways to maintain your hybrid bike:

Tyres: It’s always important to make sure your tyres are properly inflated to match the suggested tyre pressure. Having your hybrid bike tyre pressure too low or high can severely impact the bike. This goes the same for a standard bike too.

Brakes: A vital component in bike maintenance is making sure your breaks work. Grab your bike, take a small and safe journey and stop your breaks quickly, this is the safest way to test your breaks work. It's important to keep these in check for both casual rides and adventurous rides.

TIP: Do this on a soft surface like grass before each journey.

Seat: It’s always a great idea to check your seat isn’t torn and that it’s at the right height to prevent yourself from your back straining. 

Handlebars: It’s also another great idea to check your handlebars are securely fitted (especially if you’ve been riding regularly) and that they’re at the right height to match the seat. 

That’s it! That’s everything you need to know about hybrid bikes, all the information you need has all been passed down to you. You’re now ready to find yourself the perfect hybrid bike. Don’t forget to grab yourself some fun matching accessories

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