Everything You Need To Know About Dutch Bikes

Everything You Need To Know About Dutch Bikes

Finding the right bike for yourself can sometimes be a task you dread. With endless choices and variations of colour and style, it’s not always easy to know if you’re making the right decision. 

From vintage style bikes to city bikes and folding bikes to hybrid bikes, which bike is the right one for you?

Below, you’re going to find all the information you need on the Dutch Bike and why this might be the perfect choice of bike for you. Plus some added bonus’ on different types of bikes. Keep reading and delve into the world of bikes, so you’re ready to make the right choice!

brownie bike in blueberry

(Bobbin Dutch Bike)

What Is a Dutch Bike?

A Dutch bike (also known as a netherlands bike) is a bike that has everything you need already with it. Historically, they were designed to meet any needs that someone might have. They would come already with the added accessories you might buy separately, including headlamps, taillights, bells and kickstand.

Great for those long journeys and bike rides with the family, these bikes originated from - you guessed it - the Netherlands! These are the most common bikes you'll see around Dutch cities, ideal for everyday cycling. This sort of adult bike is the most popular in the Netherlands and Dutch bicycles are considered their Classic bikes. They are typically a vintage style bike. They make great commuter bikes!

However, there are of course some quirks to Dutch style bikes which may better suit certain styles of riding. For one, the frame is heavier than your average road bike. This is because they're designed to have extras added on such as luggage storage

bobbin brownie on the pavement (The Bobbin Brownie 7)

How They Differ

The Dutch bicycles differ from other bikes for various different reasons. Below are the added bonus’ a Dutch Bike will come with and why they’re beneficial to have on your bike!

Mudguards - Mudguards help to reduce the splash-back from puddles and mud when you’re riding. These will save your trousers or legs from getting mud splatters all over them!

Kickstand - The kickstand is what helps your bike to stay standing of stable on the ground when you’re not using it. This is probably of the most helpful aspects of a Dutch Bike, saving you from awkwardly laying down your bike or propping it up against a wall or placing it into bike stands! There are so many benefits to a kickstand on your bike.

Rear Rack - Having a rear carrier on a bike is a massive help when it comes to carrying shopping home or maybe carrying your belongings somewhere. Having the storage on the back of the bike helps to ensure your eye line isn’t reduced from a basket at the front, although these are still very helpful!

Covered chain - This feature is one of the many weatherproofing features of a Dutch Bike. Alongside deterring rain from rusting your bike chain, it also helps prevent the chain from getting oil on your leg or trousers! Chain covers have so many benefits.

Dutch bikes also have an upright riding position or “sit-up” style. This is because their frames are typically taller than the average road bike. This helps to promote a better posture, reducing the risk of overuse injuries. The upright position creates a comfortable riding position for the cyclist.

various bobbin brownie bikes

(A trio of Bobbin Brownies!)

Why Choose a Dutch Bike?

A Dutch Bike is built almost to be a replacement for a road vehicle! They’re basically the best bike if you’re looking to reduce the number of trips you make in your car. Coming with so many handy and helpful features, a Dutch Bike is your best option for practicality compared to classic bikes.

They’re also going to save you from having to think about what accessories would be best on a bike, all of the thinking and the hard work is done for you. All you’d have to do is choose your colour and get yourself a stunning new Bike helmet to match!

bobbin brownie bike (A Dutch Bike in the wild!)

Different Bikes Explained

If you’re still unsure of which bike is best for you, here we’re going to delve into each different type of bike and its benefits as well as what they’re best used for.

Vintage Road bikes - These are often referred to as the ‘normal bike’ since they’re most often used in everyday life. These have a lightweight frame and are best used on roads, cycle tracks and in parks.

Mountain bikes - These bikes are best used on (you probably guessed it) mountains! Having a thicker frame size and bigger wheels, these bikes are built to withstand tough terrain.

Hybrid bikes - A hybrid bike is a mix between a road bike and a mountain bike, these are built for riding over a variety of terrains.

Folding bikes  - A folding bike is often used by an avid commuter getting to work in cities such as London. They’re easy to fold down and take onto public transport such as tubes and trains. 

Electric bikes - An electric bike (or e-bike) often has battery-powered assistance and allow riders to reduce pedalling when going across smooth terrain. They even have electric breaks when you’re using the electric feature.

Ladies Vintage bikes - All of our bikes here are unisex, but generally, a ladies bike does have a different frame. This is called a step-through frame. This type of bicycle model is designed because women generally have shorter legs.

brownie bike in duck egg blue (The Brownie 7)

 classic front headlamp

The Accessories

Dutch bicycles, as we’ve learnt, are a pretty great style of bike. They have so many things to offer to the rider and they’re a great way to get around in an eco-friendly manner. If you’ve decided this is the bike for you, it might be handy to be able to find all of the added extras available to purchase separately, in case you’d like extra

We’ve also added a few additional accessories to the list below, there are of course some items the Dutch style bike won’t come with.

  • Bell - We have a vast range of bells at your disposal! Of course, the Dutch Bike comes with a bell, but it’s always handy to know where to find new ones if you need a replacement or just want a spare!
  • Rear bike bag - You’ve got a rear bike rack with a Dutch Bike, now you just need to get yourself a rear bike bag to go along with it!
  • Water bottle - You can never go wrong by grabbing yourself a water bottle! They’re handy and if you choose metal (like this one is) you’re saving the planet too!

  • Front basket - You’ve got rear bike storage, why not try some front bike storage too! With a front bike basket, It’s always handy to have plenty of places to carry your belongings.
    • Helmet - Safety is most important when riding a bike, so don’t forget to pick up a helmet as you make your purchase.

    With your mind now full of everything you could ever know about Dutch Bikes, you’ve got everything you could need to make a purchase. All that’s left to do is grab your perfect vintage bike with basket and figure out where your first stop will be on your brand new bike! You could take a route for urban riding or a city route. Don’t forget to always stay safe on your bike and wear a your helmet! Check out our commuter bike helmets for a great match!

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