Cycling From London To Cambridge: The Best Route

Cycling From London To Cambridge: The Best Route

Cycling is a growing sport, becoming more and more popular by the day. And if you’re wanting to grab your bike and cycle the length of the country but need a starting point - let us help.

London to Cambridge is one of the most popular starting routes. It allows you to visit some amazing places, whilst taking the journey relatively easy.

Below, you’re going to find the best route to cycle from London to Cambridge as well as some places to visit along the way and the approximate cycle time for your journey. We've sorted everything you need so you’re fully prepared.

Plus, we've thrown in a few cycling tips and tricks as well as must-have biking accessories!

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What To Bring

Deciding what to bring on a bike ride (especially if you're long-distance cycling) like this is half of the battle. You want to be as equipped as possible without bringing too much or any unnecessary items.

So below are the most important items for you to bring on your trip! 

  • Helmet  - Safety is key, so make sure you have your helmet to hand and on your head whenever you’re on the road.
  • Bike - Pretty obvious right? But to complete this trip you need to make sure your bike is road safe and up to standard! If you need a new one, we have plenty to offer in a vast range of colours and styles.
  • Lights - Taking a trip like this might mean you’re going to be cycling at night. Grab yourself some lights for your bike and high-vis clothing to make sure you're seen as the night draws in.
  • Rear bike bag - A rear bike bag is always a handy option, especially for those items you’re not wanting to store in a front bike basket. These sit over the back wheel and create handy storage space for your belongings.

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The Route

Deciding on the right cycling routes is tough, especially when they're long-distance. There are so many places to visit with potentially little time and how do you really know which is best

Below, you're going to find the best cycle route for you to take if you're looking to partake in some fun British cycling. With all of the places to visit in each town, plus the time between each town, all you really have to do now is read on and get excited!

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Starting in London you’re going to want to grab your bike and head off towards Roydon. The travel time to Roydon will vary depending on where in London you start from. It will of course take longer if you’re in South or West London compared to North or East London.

It’s important before you set off to make sure you’ve eaten well the morning of your journey from London to Cambridge. Also, make sure you’re well-hydrated and dressed appropriately for the weather. 

Don’t forget it’s always important to wear SPF in the summer when you’re cycling and come prepared in the Winter for the possibility of rain or snow.

Cycle Time (London to Roydon): Approximately 2 hours and 16 minutes 

London to roydon route

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Your next stop is Roydon. Here you’ll find the Rye House Gatehouse with stately homes and gardens you’re able to stop by and visit. You can also find laser combat, adventure parks, raceways and so much more for something a little different. 

If you’re looking to make a stop after your 2-hour long ride, this would be a great place to have some fun if you’re looking at making your trip lighthearted and enjoyable.

Cycle Time (Roydon to Much Hadham): Approximately 39 minutes

Roydon to much hadham route

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Much Hadham

Your next stop is Much Hadham. The journey from Roydon to Much Hadham is a short one but if you’re looking to make a stop still there are some great places to visit. 

You could start by visiting the Henry Moore Foundation, a home with endless history within its walls. There is also the Much Hadham Forge Museum in which you can discover incredible Tudor paintings and archaeology. Don’t forget to check opening times for all of these buildings before you go! 

Cycle Time (Much Hadham to Arkesden): Approximately 1 hour 

Much hadham to arkesden

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The next place on your cycling journey is Arkesden. Holding places such as a miniature railway, Prior’s Hall Barn and plenty of places to eat and hotels. This would be the perfect place for a pitstop. 

If you’re starting early it’s also likely this part of the trip will fall around midday or mid-afternoon. So now would be the perfect time to grab some food, restock your water bottle and get your energy back up before you head to your final destination.

Cycle Time (Arkesden to Cambridge): Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

arkesden to cambridge

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This is the final stop on your journey to Cambridge from London. Since it’s the last location, you’ve got every excuse to stop off here for a while. You could maybe get your friends and family to meet you at the finish line and then celebrate your trip together!

Cambridge is a very popular place for some outstanding sightseeing. You could visit King’s College and King’s College Chapel, Cambridge University Botanic Gardens, The Fitzwilliam Museum and so many more places. As an added bonus you could partake in some fun Cambridge city cycling with some friends and explore the beautiful city the next day.

Here you may even be able to get yourself into a cycling event, making good use of your time and the fact you have your bike with you! There are plenty of cycle routes through this beautiful city.

Once you’ve finished spending some time in Cambridge, you could grab your bike again and head on a return journey from Cambridge to London. Or give yourself a break and catch the train back!

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Last Minute Essentials

With the whole trip and journey now planned out, all that’s left to do is make sure you have everything you need. Below, you’re going to find some of the most overlooked but necessary items any cyclist will need on a trip like this.

  • Plasters - A key item any avid cyclist needs. Make sure you have enough plasters to cover any potential cuts and blisters you might acquire along the way. You could also bring specific blister plasters with you.
  • A watch - Since you won’t have time to stop and check your phone, it’s a great idea to get yourself a watch so you’re going to easily be able to check the time when you need to. You could also get a fitness watch to keep track of your heart rate and oxygen levels! 
  • The right footwear - Riding a bike for a long period of time can take a toll on your feet. It’s vital to make sure you have a strong and sturdy pair of comfortable shoes that you can use for this trip. Shoes that have ventilation in summer are great, whilst padding shoes out with socks in winter is also a great idea.

TIP: Get yourself some padded shorts too, these will help cushion even a sprung saddle even further!

  • Gloves - If you’re going to be cycling in winter or early in the morning, gloves are an ideal item to bring along with you. They’re often overlooked but these small items will save your hands from going numb or getting sore hands from gripping onto the handlebars.
  • Antiseptic - In a sport like this it’s inevitable you’re going to face some cuts and bruises along the way. It’s always a smart idea to carry some antiseptic with you to prevent any cuts from getting infected and save you lots of trouble and pain in the long run.
  • A portable charger - Although you won’t often be on your phone, it’s a great idea to carry a portable charger with you since plug sockets won’t be available. This way you’re free to use your phone as a map, light or anything else without the worry of a dead battery in case of emergencies. 
  • Tracking apps & GPS - If you’re riding a trip like this on your own, it’s a smart idea to get some form of GPS or tracking app in case of an emergency. You can also get apps where you and your friends can track each other’s phones. A great idea if you’re unable to make a call, you’re still able to be found! 

Now you’re well prepared and ready for an incredible trip, you have plenty of time to grab some last-minute bike accessories and get some training plans (maybe even try a training week) in before starting your journey. All that’s left to do now is head off and get your sightseeing eyes on!

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