15 Child-Friendly Cycle Routes In Surrey

15 Child-Friendly Cycle Routes In Surrey

Grabbing your bike and heading off on a family trip can leave you with endless fun and memories now we’ve given you some great places to travel to!

Hillside cycle track

  • Box Hill - Grab your bike and head off to this beautiful spot!
  • Leith Hill - Full of views and scenery, this cycling spot is idyllic and great if you're looking for a short ride.
  • Chinthurst hill - A picturesque hill is great for family trips, you can even stop off on the way and make a day of it!

Waterside cycle track

  • Virginia Water Lake - Full of history and beautiful scenery, this lake is perfect!
  • River Thames - Head off towards the River Thames with your family, this would be a great route if you're looking for a longer trip!
  • Frensham Ponds - This cycling spot is nothing short of incredible and perfect for shorter outings.


Woodland and Park cycle track

  • Swinley Forest - You’ll be nothing but impressed when visiting this forest!
  • Alice Holt forest - This is a great place to take the family on a trip!
  • Bushy park - This well-known park is a great short family outing.
  • Blackwater park - A great place to take the kids and enjoy the scenery.
  • Chantry wood - Full of beautiful scenery and endless views!
  • Chobham place woods - Perfect for summer and autumn alike.
  • Compton woods - Acres full of scenery and wonder, great for a long day out!
  • Farnham park - Perfect for kids and adults together.
  • Horton country park - A nature reserve perfect for families and memories.


Now you’ve got endless choices, all you have to do is get out there and enjoy the fresh air.

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