15 Child-Friendly Cycle Routes In Suffolk

15 Child-Friendly Cycle Routes In Suffolk

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Cycling around Suffolk is a great way to see the sights and experience all there is. Grab your bikes and helmets and head off with the family on some great trips!

Coastal Paths

  • Dunwich and Minsmere - This is a 13-mile long route where you can explore the Suffolk coast, experiencing beautiful views and incredible scenery.

  • Rendlesham Forest to Shingle Street - Along this path you’ll see a beautiful forest and incredible coastal views. This would be a great place to visit and experience in each season.

  • Foot Ferries - Based on the Suffolk coast, you could head down to the foot ferries by bike and then grab a ferry and see this incredible part of the country by water.

  • Alton water loop - Although it’s not quite coastal, this loop offers a water view as you cycle its 7.9 mile long trail.


Inland Paths

  • Alton Water to Pin Mill - Along this route you’ll be able to hire a bike, helping you to see the best of Suffolk even when you don’t have bike access. 

  • Snape to Orford - This is a 24-mile route best cycled by experienced riders, ideal for families with older children and experienced cyclists.

  • The Broads - This path is over 20 years old, there are various places to travel and to see in the Suffolk countryside, this is an incredible place to start.

  • The Miller's Trail - This trail is full of history and facts, a great place to visit if you want to see the past and learn the facts.

  • Towers and Spires - This 30-mile long route is placed inland in Suffolk, you’ll pass plenty of history, churches and incredible scenery.
  • The Painter's Trail - This long distant route will take you past forests, nature and the wonders of the world around you. 

  • Thetford Forest - If you want to see a beautiful nature filled forest then this is an idyllic spot for yourself and your family to travel to.

  • Tunstall Forest - A forest full of wonder and history, Tunstall Forest has plenty of past with vikings and so much more! This is a great place to visit by bike.

  • Red track loop - This is a loop of nature filled wonder, you’ll be cycling through a forest, immersing yourself into nature and experiencing the best Suffolk has to offer.

  • Loop from derby road - This is an easy ride across various roads, great for teaching kids how to be safe and cycle along roads.

  • Rendlesham Forest trails - Offering various trails, Rendlesham Forest is a great place to detach from busy everyday life and go for a bike ride.


Suffolk is a beautiful place, even just looking at photos proves that, but there are plenty more beautiful places to visit, you could visit Snowdonia in Wales or the Brighton seaside.

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