20 Child-Friendly Cycle Routes In Suffolk

20 Child-Friendly Cycle Routes In Suffolk

Cycling around Suffolk is a great way to see the sights and experience all there is. Grab your bikes and helmets and head off with the family on some great trips!



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Coastal Paths

Dunwich and Minsmere - This is a 13-mile long route where you can explore the Suffolk coast, experiencing beautiful views and incredible scenery. Why not grab your kid's balance bikes and let them ride along the gorgeous coastal line.

Rendlesham Forest to Shingle Street
- Along this path you’ll see a beautiful forest and incredible coastal views. This would be a great place to visit and experience each season.

Foot Ferries
- Based on the Suffolk coast, you could head down to the foot ferries by bike and then grab a ferry and see this incredible part of the country by water.

Alton water loop
- Although it’s not quite coastal, this loop offers a water view as you cycle its 7.9 mile long trail. This route offers a wide range of fields so make sure your bike is in top condition. You could even try out a mountain bike here.

Bawdsey Ferry
- This seaside route will take you from the inland and out to the coast. It'll take you just under 3 hours to complete since it's around 31 miles long.

Greyfriars medieval friary
- On this route, you'll be travelling from one end of the coast to the other. It'd take you around 4 hours to complete since this path is 36 miles long.

Snape Maltings Loop from Walberswick
- This coastal route is excellent for some sunrise or sunset bike rides. It'll take you just over 4 hours to complete this 44 mile long route.

Harbor of Ipswich - This gorgeous route runs alongside the beautiful Bobbits Lane Nature Reserve. It'd take you around 4 hours to complete since this is a 37 mile long route.


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    Inland Paths

    Alton Water to Pin Mill - Along this route you’ll be able to hire a bike, helping you to see the best of Suffolk even when you don’t have bike access. This road route offers some fantastic scenery, why not get your kids a brand new great quality kids bike to get them excited.

    Snape to Orford
    - This is a 24-mile route best cycled by experienced riders, ideal for families with older children and experienced cyclists. Don't forget to grab your water bottle so you stay hydrated on a long route like this.

    The Broads
    - This path is over 20 years old, there are various places to travel and to see in the Suffolk countryside, this is an incredible place to start. 

    The Miller's Trail
    - This trail is full of history and facts, a great place to visit if you want to see the past and learn the facts.

    Towers and Spires
     - This 30-mile long route is placed inland in Suffolk, you’ll pass plenty of history, churches and incredible scenery.

      The Painter's Trail - This long distant route will take you past forests, nature, and the world's wonders around you. 

      Thetford Forest
      - If you want to see a beautiful nature-filled forest, this is an idyllic spot for yourself and your family.

      Tunstall Forest
      - A forest full of wonder and history, Tunstall Forest has plenty of past with Vikings and so much more! This is a great place to visit by bike.

      Red track loop
      - This is a loop of nature filled wonder, you’ll be cycling through a forest, immersing yourself in nature and experiencing the best Suffolk has to offer.

      Loop from derby road
      - This is an easy ride across various roads, great for teaching kids how to be safe and cycle along roads and the rules around road riding. 

      Rendlesham Forest trails
      - Offering various trails, Rendlesham Forest is a great place to detach from busy everyday life and go for a bike ride. This is a comfortable ride for a fantastic day out.

      Santon Downham bridge Loop from Brandon
      - This difficult route would take you just under 6 hours to complete since it's 48 miles long. You'll travel through various fields and see some fantastic sights.

      High Lodge Loop from Brandon
      - If you're looking for a calm and easy ride then this is perfect. This route would take you less than an hour since it's only 4 miles long. It even offers free water to cyclists and other visitors! This would also be a great place to grab your kids bike and teach them how to ride.



      Suffolk is a beautiful place, even just looking at photos proves that but there are plenty more beautiful places to visit, you could visit Snowdonia in Wales or the Brighton seaside.

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