Bike Storage Ideas for Garages and Sheds

Bike Storage Ideas for Garages and Sheds

Even if you've got a decent garage or storage space, bikes are amongst the everyday "stuff" that causes clutter. In a flash, they can limit your available floor space to the point where you can't even use a room anymore!

And whilst models like our Folding bike are great for space-saving - what about the rest of us?

Luckily for you, we've come up with bike storage ideas and hacks to help you solve this problem.

Keep scrolling on to get some inspiration on how to get your family’s bikes organised and out of the way!

1. Vertical storage on walls

On-the-wall vertical bike storage takes up the least amount of floor space. In this method, bikes are hung vertically. So make sure to measure first to check you have enough floor-to-ceiling space!

This style of bike storage is a great fit for adult and kid’s pedal bikes.

Vertical bike rack storage on walls

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2. Invest in a shed

A bike shed is the perfect storage bike solution for families who have a yard or patio but no garage. Choose a heavy-duty unit for high-quality weather protection that's suitable for year-round use.

You're going to love this BillyOh Mini Expert as it can be built with either a pent or lean-to roof. Perfect for fitting down the side of your house.

BillyOh Mini Expert Pent Tongue and Groove Bike Shed

(BillyOh Mini Expert Pent Tongue and Groove Bike Shed)

3. Bike shelf made from pipe fittings

An industrial-style DIY wall bike shelf equals savvy storage with peace of mind. The design is practical, allowing you to show off your riding gear while keeping it organised.

Bike shelf made from pipe fittings

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4. Horizontal wall storage

Horizontal bike racks let you store your bike parallel to the floor by hanging them along a wall. Just wheel your bike in and lift it slightly off the floor to get it on the rack.

But take note that they take up a lot of wall space!

Horizontal bike wall storage

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5. Ceiling bike rack

If possible, hang your bikes from the ceiling. This storage idea helps clear out the floor space to park a car while the bikes dangle above.

You can use a pulley system or opt for a gliding system.Ceiling bike rack

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6. Simple as dowels

This quick solution involves attaching two large dowels to your garage wall. When attached properly, the dowels make a perfect holding station for your bike frame.

DIY dowel bike holder

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7. Made from PVC

A PVC bike rack is yet another cheap and easy-to-build storage solution. Simply take a large PVC pipe and cut it down at an angle using a cutting tool like a handsaw.

Smooth down the edges with sandpaper, so they don't scratch your bike, then attach to the wall - and voila!

Bike rack made from PVC

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8. Shelf and hooks combination

For a family with a big fleet of bikes, a shelf with hooks might be your best option for storing them. A DIY shelf can extend across the full length of your garage.

Like with ceiling racks, if you have hydraulic disc brakes, don’t hang your bikes upside down.

Shelf and hooks combination as bike storage

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9. Install steadyracks

A steadyrack is one of our favourite vertical bike storage systems. Its unique vertical, pivoting design lets you access your bicycle easily. Plus, the pivot feature is even handier for multiple bikes.

Steadyracks for bikes

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10. Floor parking rack

This bike storage system deserves to have a permanent spot in your garage. It's simple, and you can store a family of bikes for a very affordable price - or DIY it using pallets!

No more bikes in a heap on the garage floor. And kids can take responsibility for getting their own bikes out of the garage!

Bike floor parking rack

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11. Multi-functional shelf stand

This bike display stand is great as it functions as a shelf. It’s also pretty customisable, depending on your experience, skill, or personal taste.

What you need is a wooden shelf with a cutout to allow your bike to sit. It can also be made of one initial shelf and another placed underneath for your bike.

Multi-functional shelf stand for bikes

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12. Animal head style

This is probably one of the most quirky bike storage ideas out there! An animal head-style bike stand serves a double purpose. One, for aesthetics and another for keeping your bike out of the way!

You’ll need a wooden plaque and a handle to mimic a deer's horns.

DIY animal head-style bike rack

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13. Freestanding

A freestanding bike rack has several advantages. It can store up to two bikes horizontally without causing any damage to the walls. Plus, it can be easily moved at any time. Ideal use for both indoors and garage use.

Freestanding bike holder

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14. DIY plywood rack

You only need one piece of plywood for this DIY bike rack! Cut the wood into three parts that will become the top, bottom, and the dividers. Check out the link we've provided for a complete guide.

DIY plywood rack for bikes

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15. Exercise bike stand

If you can't use your bike all year round, not outdoors at least, consider this exercise bike stand. This creative rack allows you to pedal even when it’s too cold or wet outside from the comfort of your home!

The frame is made of wood with a set of pegs attached to the back axles.

Creative exercise bike stand

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16. Indoor mounted rack

If you have enough wall space in your living room, we find this DIY bike rack idea perfect for indoor spaces. A small, wall-mounted rack with two hooks or any material that can keep the bike suspended.

Indoor mounted rack for bikes

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17. Space-saving hanging copper pipe

A cool and space-efficient hanging bike storage idea! To make a ceiling-mounted bike rack like this, you need copper T fittings, a copper pipe, felt, steel wool and epoxy.

You’ll also need a drill, an angle grinder, a rigid tube cutter and a blow torch. Follow this tutorial for a complete guide.

Space-saving hanging copper pipe for bikes

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18. 10-minute DIY stand

Do your kids drop their bikes in the driveway or leave them on the lawn? This easy DIY bike rack could help, which you can do in less than 10 minutes!

All you need is a few pieces of wood, a few screws and a drill or a screwdriver. It’s a good bike rack for covered outdoor areas.

10-minute DIY bike stand

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19. Just heavy-duty hooks

If you don't need anything fancy, heavy-duty hooks can get your bikes off the garage floor. You can find these hooks at most hardware stores. Install them on the ceiling, and you're good to go!

Heavy-duty hooks to hang bikes on the ceiling

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20. Bike cover alternative

Not as permanent as a bike shed, a bike cover can still protect from the elements. The only problem is how to lock up your bikes to keep them safe. If you’re going to use a fabric cover in your driveway, install a ground anchor to lock the bikes.

Bike covers

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Clutter, no matter where it is, is inevitable in life. But this is where storage solutions come into the picture.

There are plenty of storage ideas and DIY options out there, catered to most, if not all, of your needs. And our list of bike storage ideas brings you the best (and coolest) of them!

We hope you liked it, and check out the FAQs below if you still have questions. Or head over to our online store to start shopping for a bike today!



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