10 Best Bike Accessories To Use In The Rain

10 Best Bike Accessories To Use In The Rain

As we creep ever closer to autumn, we’re of course going to have endless downpours. Below, we have some great bike accessories that’ll help you to cycle in the rain.

Helmet - A helmet not only keeps you safe, but also keeps your head dry and rain away from your face.

Rear bag - A rear bike bag is great if you want to keep belongings dry.

Under saddle bag - If you only have your keys and phone, try an under the saddle bike bag to ensure everything stays dry.

Lights - Since it’s often dark when it rains, lights are a great help to make sure you stay visible.

Reflectors - If you don’t want to use batteries, try reflectors!

Metal basketMetal bike baskets are great if you want to be able to wipe away the rain after use.

Waterproof jacket - Keep yourself dry and warm with a waterproof jacket.

Contact lenses - If you’re a glasses wearer, try contact lenses out so you don’t get your glasses covered in rain water.

Gloves - The rain brings cold weather and the cold weather can cause your hands to seize up!

Waterproof glasses - If you don’t fancy contact lenses, try waterproof glasses!

That’s everything we have, enjoy your rainy bike ride!

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