10 Best Bike Accessories To Use In The Dark

10 Best Bike Accessories To Use In The Dark

Early morning bike rides or late night cycle trips are a great way to avoid other road users or the heat of summer. There are some must have accessories you can use on your trip. Delve into the 10 great accessories we have below!

Lights - The very best accessory for the dark is a bike light, they keep you visible!

Reflective jacket - Reflective jackets are a great option no matter your age or the weather.

Bell - Road users don’t expect to encounter a cyclist on their journey so make yourself heard as well as seen!

Reflectors - Light reflectors don’t require a battery and they still make you visible.

Reflective Helmet - No matter the weather, it’s ideal to have a reflective helmet to not only keep you safe, but also visible.

Bike lock - Not just for the dark, bike locks are great to always have on you!

Under the seat bike bag - This is a great way to ensure a bike basket or bag won’t restrict your view.

Tools - Bike shops, friends and family aren’t so readily available in the dark. Bring some tools with you!

Reflective mudguards - Not only are they helpful, but they’re handy to make sure others see you.

GPS - Though it’s not really an accessory, it’s always great to tell someone where you’re going or let them track you in the dark.

That’s it! All you have to do is enjoy!

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