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Our 30 Favourite Creative Bike Decorations

Decorating your bike is an opportunity to have fun and show off your personality to the world. So, we thought we'd give you some prompts before you get accessorising!

You can buy some of these decorations, make some with ease, and some will be longer-term projects. We've included a range. So, no matter your DIY levels, you'll be able to find something to inspire your bike alterations.

After rummaging through the depths of the internet, we have whittled it down to our 30 favourite decorations to make your bike - or your kids' bike - stand out in a crowd!

1. Colour Chip Wheels

If you're short on time or lack artistic ability, this is a great way to add some colour to your bicycle.

Just slide some colour chips (the small colour charts for paints) between the spokes and layer until they cover the inner wheel.

If you arrange them in colour order, they will create a swirling blur of the rainbow as you cycle. It's sure to catch the eyes of every passer-by.


Bicycle rainbow pinwheel

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2. The Furry Disguise 

Looking for a way to hide the battery of your electric bike? Or have you just watched too much Tiger King in lockdown?

Dress up your bicycle with a stuffed animal for a highly original look. To make it simple to wash, strap it up with Velcro so you can take it on and off with ease. You'll have a roaring time!

bike with tiger outfit on it

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3. Crochet Skirt Guard

A skirt guards original purpose is to prevent your skirt, floaty trousers or long coat from getting trapped in the wheel of your bicycle.

But, it doesn't have to simply be practical! Crochet patterns into your skirt guard to add some life to your bike. You can either buy one pre-made or channel your inner Tom Daley at the Olympics.

crochet rear bike wheel skirt

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4. Handlebar Tassels

An oldie but a goodie. Fun for passers-by, fun for parents to watch, and certainly fun for the cyclist. Watching them blow in the wind is one of life's simplest pleasures.

You can match your handlebar tassels to your bike to create a cohesive and stylish look. Or, contrast them to add another pop of colour.


toddler on pink bike with handlebar tassels

 (Handlebar Tassels)

5. Cute Shapes In Spokes

Have fun cutting out hearts, flowers, stars, and any other shapes that you fancy. Use coloured card or felt. Or, if you're feeling especially creative, doodle on and colour in your shapes.

Customisable and low cost - this is a great way to jazz up your wheels!


shapes in bicycle spokes

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6. Grow Flowers in a Basket

Have you ever wanted a portable garden? Well, you can look no further than your bike basket. So long as it has a plant pot of equivalent within, you can take your flowers on the road.

What's more joyful than having a bunch of flowers in your basket? Surely only having flowers that are still growing!

bike in flowerbed with flowers in wicker basket

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7. Horsing Around

This arts and crafts project may take some time, but we promise it's worth it.

Use cardboard, paints, and pens to create your horse head. Then, attach it to the bike frame, and voila! You've transformed your whole riding experience.

It's a bicycle accessory you'll never forget seeing and certainly never forget riding!


tandem bike with horse overlay

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8. Spare Piece of Fabric Frame

If you've got old sheets, clothes, or fabric scraps that you don't know what to use for - try wrapping them around your bike.

You can give your bicycle a colour scheme or use all the colours of the rainbow to give the bike frame a new lease of life.


funky bike with pink wheel on beach

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9. Balloon Arch

A simple but effective DIY. Blow up multicoloured balloons and attach them to a pool noodle, shaping them into an arch.

This is intended for a parade or stationary bike rather than practical cycling, as it partially blocks the cyclist's vision. But, a fun art piece nonetheless.


kids on bikes with flotation devices with balloons attached

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10. Spray Paint

Transform your old bike into any colour (or colours) you want! This is a great way to make your old bike feel brand new by completely altering it until it's unrecognisable.

You could even spray paint your bike helmet to match! 

And, how often do you get to feel like Banksy?


spray-painted bike in bright multicolours

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11. Pipe Cleaner Spokes

A cool bike alteration where the components are probably already in your arts and crafts box.

Wrap coloured pipe cleaners around the spokes of your road bike to transform your wheels!


blue bike with funky spoke pipe cleaners

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12. Polka Dots 

Simple, yet classic. The polka dot is hard to get wrong, and when you get it right, it oozes glamour. 

Cover your frame head to toe in spots to make your bike riding effortlessly classy.


bike with painted white polka dots on mudguards

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13. Pinwheel

 Pinwheels are another bicycle craft that you can either make or buy.

Fix to the front or rear of your bike, then watch it spin as you cycle away. You'll never want to stop!

14. Stars and Cans

Crush down leftover fizzy pop cans and cut pieces of card into star shapes.

Then create tiny holes in your stars and thread string through. You've got super cute decorations to trail behind you!

They'll make noises as the metal cans bounce while you cycle, adding to the fun.


bike with stars and cans streamers

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15. Little Tassels 

Tiny tassels are a fun way to add colour and personalisation to your bike in a more understated way.

Wrap the tassels around your basket to liven it up, or alternatively, you could use a pom pom garland for a similarly playful effect.


girl with pink Bobbin pink with handlebar tassels

 (Gingersnap Bike)

16. Home-made Licence Plate

Making a licence plate is an easily accessible arts and crafts project. It involves nothing more than some card, coloured pens, and zip ties. 

Write your kid's name and lucky numbers to make it extra personal. They'll love the feeling of being real motorists with their new cool bike accessory. Plus, it's a great way to introduce them to the rules of the road.


bike with "owen" homemade license plate


17. Flower Power

Flowers are one of the most popular bicycle accessories. Why not celebrate that by threading them through your spokes?

Use fresh flowers and change them out every week or so. Or, you can use plastic or paper flowers for a permanent and gorgeous addition to your bike frame.


white bike with flowers in rear basket on a beach

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18. Stripes 

It may look challenging to get those perfect lines, but there's a really simple way to get this effect. And, we'll share it with you!

First, paint your whole bike the lighter colours, avoiding the saddle, tires, handles, and spokes. Then, use masking tape to cover sections and paint the whole bike again. Peel the masking tape off, and you've got a stripey masterpiece - easy peasy!


bike covered in candy cane stripes

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19. Multi-Purpose Basket 

Using your picnic basket as a table? Genius.

But, we're not sure how precarious all their treats are. We don't know about you, but we're on the edge of our seat hoping the goods don't topple out!

You don't have to be afraid for the safety of your food though. Decorating a bike with basket in itself elevates it (plus, you get to snack en route.) Anyway, part of the fun of a picnic is sitting on the blanket and eating off the floor, right?


bike with bowler hat helmet and fold-down picnic basket

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20. Save Your Straws

If you've given up drinking from plastic straws to save the turtles but still have a pack in the back of your cupboard - this is a great option.

Cover your spokes with plastic straws to give a similar effect to LED lights - at a fraction of the cost.


bike wheel with multi-coloured spokes

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21. Adorable Bike Locks

While not technically part of the bike, a bike lock is an essential purchase for bike owners. Decorating your bike as well as the ones on this list comes with the risk of everyone wanting it, so you should invest in a great lock. 

22. Flag Fun

Watch your flag flap in the wind as you pedal. Reminiscent of go-karts, it's a fun way to decorate your bike without having to alter the frame itself.

And, the flag can be made, bought, or repurposed into a cool bike accessory - the choice is yours!


bike with multi-coloured flag and umbrella

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23. Cardboard Creations 

While we are sure this wasn't easy to make by a long shot, the payoff is great!

Your kids can cycle around pretending they're living in Jurrasic time. Expect them to want to spend even more time on their bicycle!

Top Tip: Shape small circles of card into cones and tape them to the top of your child's bicycle helmet to make them into dinosaurs too!


two kids with bikes with dinosaur cardboard cutouts attached

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24. Crocheted Saddle Cover

This is a great way to try out a new skill, and as a bonus, you can simultaneously refresh your bike seat. 

Plus, you can get creative with funky designs! Or if you get hooked on crocheting - make a couple to alternate between, keeping your seat fresh and exciting.


colourful crocheted saddle cover

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25. Beads for Bike Spokes 

They're fun, they're easy, and they're cheap - what's not to love?

Covering your spokes in beads is a simple way to decorate your bike but incredibly effective. And it only takes seconds to place them on. Stick to a colour scheme or use the colours of the rainbow to contrast against your tires.


beads on spoke of polka dot bike

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26. Go Metallic

Even though it's only a lick of paint, using such a stand out colour can make your bike appear so much more exciting.

Or, if you're not sure about committing to a fully metallic bike - try our metallic Noodle Mudguards for a toned-down glow. 

With an extra shine, your bike will be the coolest bike on the block.


copper coloured metallic bike

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27. Duct Tape Bike Seats

Use duct tape to jazz up a plain seat. Or, if you're feeling sneaky, to disguise a damaged saddle.

Take a piece of duct tape and cover the scuff, then continue over the rest of the seat until you have covered it. We guarantee you won't be able to tell where the damage was!


bike seat decorated with zig-zag colourful tape

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28. Ribbon Spokes

A fuss-free decoration. Just tie ribbon scraps around the spokes on your wheels and listen to the rustle when they catch the wind. It's so satisfying!


ribbons attached to spokes of blue bike

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29. Home-made Garland

Here at Bobbin, we offer the chance to get crafty but with some help.

Our basket garland craft kit comes with everything you need to make a top-notch decoration. So, you don't have to worry about sourcing the items individually. 

It's a fun, simple, and delightful addition to any bike!


(Gingersnap Bike With Stabilisers

30. Umbrella Holder 

This is just the ticket for the British weather. There's sadly no point in the year when you can be sure there won't be a drizzle. So, having this handy tool may regularly prevent you from getting soaked.

The attachment clips between your handlebars on one side, and to an umbrella on the other side. This is to cover the area you sit in while you're cycling. It might not protect you from all the elements, but we'd sure rather have it than not!


bike with umbrella holder and pink umbrella

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So, that's it! After scouring high and low, these were our absolute favourite crafty decorations and alterations to bicycles. From Dinosaurs to tassels - we've covered all bases in our hunt for the best bicycle accessories. 

Hopefully, we've inspired you to get creative when accessorising your bicycle. There are so many ways to add some personality to your bike.

Are you still searching for your dream bike to modify? Have a look at our kid's bikes or our adult bikes range today!

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