The Bobbin Cycling Lifestyle Gift Guide

The Bobbin Cycling Lifestyle Gift Guide

Finding Bobbin bike additions that’ll make your life and riding experience easier is a must. When cycling, your main focus should always be on the road and path ahead, never anything else. 

Below, you’re going to find great added extras for your two wheels that’ll make your pedalling a whole lot easier! And these bike accessories also make thoughtful gift ideas!

1. Bike baskets

Express Bike Basket - Breton Stripes

When you’re riding to work, school or just to the local shop, you’re inevitably going to be carrying a lot! Grab yourself a basket and make your journey easier by avoiding carrying backpacks.

Various styles are available to cater to different needs. Kids baskets, for one, are smaller, often mounted on the front. They are designed for carrying toys and snacks or ride a bike with a dog in a basket.

In contrast, adults can invest in this Bobbin bike basket. The Express basket is made from powder-coated steel. Two carry handles allow you to take the basket off and into the shops, then back home and into your house.

Overall, bike baskets offer convenience and help distribute weight. They make biking a more practical and enjoyable mode of short-trip transportation.

Top tip: Don’t forget to grab some bike carrier straps so you can attach your basket!

2. Stabilisers

Skylark Stabilisers 

If your kids are still learning to ride or they’re not yet confident riders, then we have you covered. Grab your kids some stabilisers to help them stay safe on the road as they ride their bikes. This way, they can enjoy the experience without having to worry about staying upright.

We have a fantastic selection of bikes with stabilisers. They’re a worthwhile investment if you’re looking to make your child’s riding experience easier. Have a look at the Bobbin Brownie - the perfect gift that would make your little one’s holiday extra special!

3. Locks

Kids Bike Lock

A bike lock is an essential accessory for anyone who commutes on two wheels. Our range includes kids bike locks, which come in a vibrant array of colours. 

These eye-catching locks serve a dual purpose: 1.) they safeguard your child’s bike while adding an element of fun and 2.) personalisation. The colours make them easy to spot, reducing the chances of leaving them behind. 

As practical and safety-oriented as they are, locks double as fantastic gift ideas, too! They combine utility with a touch of style, ensuring the security of your loved one’s precious ride.

4. Bike panniers

Daytripper Pannier

Pannier bags are a perennial favourite among cyclists, offering tons of advantages. These bags typically mount over the rear wheels, ensuring unobstructed visibility during rides. They provide ample storage space for essentials, making them ideal for commuters. The distributed weight in panniers enhances balance and stability. This avoids the strain associated with carrying heavy backpacks. Their design allows easy access to contents, making it convenient to stow or retrieve items on the go.

Furthermore, pannier bags are a thoughtful gift choice. They combine utility, enhancing the recipient’s cycling experience. Take this double pannier bag that suits commuter bikes well. It sits on the sides of the rear carrier featuring a detachable shoulder strap. 

They come in various styles and sizes to suit individual preferences. This makes them a splendid and practical present for any biking enthusiast. 

5. Multi-tools

Multi - Tool Rainbow

Multi-tools are indispensable for cyclists and make fantastic gift ideas for several reasons. They encompass a wide array of tools in one compact package. With one, riders are equipped to handle unexpected mechanical issues on the road. Whether it’s a flat bike tire or a loose bolt, a multi-tool simplifies repairs and adjustments.

Take this multi tool - rainbow, for instance. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, fitting in a jersey pocket or bike saddlebag. Additionally, it’s versatile and compatible with various bike components. 

As a gift, a multi-tool conveys thoughtfulness and a commitment to the recipient’s cycling enjoyment. 

6. Bobbin helmets

Starling Bike Helmet Green

A bike helmet is a safety gear designed to protect the head in the event of a fall or collision while riding a bicycle. Its primary purpose is to reduce the risk of head injuries, including concussions. Helmets are equally important for both kids and adult riders.

Helmets come in models suitable for everyone. Kids helmets are designed to fit smaller heads. They often feature colourful and fun designs. In contrast, adult helmets are available in various sizes, styles, and technologies.

As a gift, a helmet is a thoughtful choice. It’s a way to show concern for the recipient’s well-being and safety. It’s also a practical one that demonstrates care and encourages safe cycling habits.

7. Cycling bottles

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

When cycling in hot weather, staying hydrated is paramount, and water bottles make it easy. They’re designed to fit perfectly in standard bottle cages on bikes. Both kids and adult rides benefit from the convenience of on-the-go hydration. It keeps them energised and focused during summer cycling escapades.

Wrapping an insulated water cycling water bottle as a gift is wise for birthdays or holidays. It comes practicality with health-consciousness, making them an excellent present idea for cyclists.

8. Rear carriers

Lightweight Urban Carrier Rack

Break the stereotype that bicycles are meant for solo riders only. This is where a bike rear carrier comes to the rescue! It enables you to bring along a companion or transport larger items that won’t fit in your basket. For urban commuters and cyclists, the advantages are even more pronounced.

As an excellent gift idea, a rear carrier shows thoughtfulness. Urban riders, for one, often rely on their bikes for daily transportation. One can provide the convenience of an extra passenger or carrying groceries. For added safety, consider adding the best rear bike light on the wrap or as stocking present fillers.

9. Bike lights

Bike Light for Rear Carrier

Ah, yes, bike lights are another fantastic gift idea! As mentioned, they serve the essential purpose of enhancing road visibility. When selecting a Christmas gift for your cyclist friend or family member, you can’t go wrong with this one.

These lights are a versatile accessory for riders of all ages and skill levels. Even better, they’re suitable for all types of bikes, from kids bikes to adult bikes. They make a universally appreciated choice of gift idea, whatever the celebration.

10. Luggage straps

Long Bungee (various)

Small accessories can significantly enhance a cyclist’s experience. Long bungee straps are a prime example. These versatile add-ons prove invaluable when it comes to securing items - both on the front or rear of the bike. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and adapt to various bicycle types. By gifting one, you can help smooth someone’s ride by ensuring their cargo is securely fastened.


The world of biking offers a treasure trove of gear and accessories. These items cater to both kids and adults, ensuring a more enjoyable ride. So, when searching for gift ideas, consider their practicality and thoughtfulness. Not only do they enhance the cycling adventure, but they also show your consideration for the well-being and enjoyment of the recipient.

Explore Bobbin for all your biking needs! From balance bikes to folding bikes, our range serves riders of all ages and experiences. 

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