Best Bike for Girls: Finding the Perfect Ride for Girls Learning to Cycle

Best Bike for Girls: Finding the Perfect Ride for Girls Learning to Cycle

Cycling is more than just a means of transportation or recreational activity. It’s a source of freedom, empowerment, and adventure. And in recent years, we’ve seen a remarkable surge in the number of women embracing the cycling world.

But here’s the thing: shopping for the perfect bike for girls can be overwhelming. With countless options flooding the market, where to begin? That’s where this guide comes in!

Factors to Consider

Birdie Lightweight Bike

When it comes to choosing the best girls bike, there are several crucial factors to keep in mind.

First, bike fit is essential to prevent discomfort and potential injuries. Girls come in different heights and body proportions. Thus, finding a bike with the right frame size is crucial. The bike must allow for proper leg extension when pedalling and an easy reach to the handlebars.

Comfort is another key consideration. Look for bikes with ergonomically designed saddles that provide adequate support and cushioning. Adjustable handlebars can accommodate varying shoulder widths and arm lengths. Such a feature can ensure a comfortable riding position.

Safety should never be compromised as well. Opt for models focusing on safety features, such as reliable braking systems. Girls should be able to control their speed and navigate different terrains effortlessly. If the intended riding includes off-road adventures, go for bikes with suspension systems.

Considering specific aspects for girls, weight plays a significant role. Girls may prefer bikes that are lighter and easier to manoeuvre. Look for materials like aluminium or carbon fibre. Either way offers durability without unnecessary weight. A lighter bike can make uphill climbs and long rides more manageable.

Design is another consideration. Many manufacturers offer girls’ bikes with vibrant colours, stylish frames, and appealing graphics.

Finally, select a bike that aligns with the intended riding style and terrain. Different bikes are designed for various purposes. Choosing a bike that matches the intended riding style will ensure the following:

  • optimal performance
  • comfort
  • overall enjoyment

By prioritising these factors, you’re a step closer to finding the perfect girl bikes!

Top Features to Look For

There are certain key features that contribute to the overall comfort and performance. Here are some essential elements to consider:

  • Lightweight construction: Girls often prefer bikes that are lightweight and easy to handle. Look for frames made of lightweight materials such as aluminium or carbon fibre.
  • Adjustable components: This can include adjustable handlebars and seat posts. Offers a comfortable riding position and allows for adjustments as they grow taller.
  • Ergonomic design: Ideal for enhancing the riding experience. Features may include contoured saddles that provide support and cushioning for long rides. Plus, ergonomic grips on the handlebars can reduce strain on the hands and wrists.
  • Handlebar width: Properly sized handlebars ensure a comfortable and natural grip. This promotes better handling and manoeuvrability.
  • Saddle design: Look for bikes with well-padded saddles. A comfortable saddle prevents discomfort and reduces the risk of chafing during rides.
  • Frame geometry: Frame geometry influences the overall riding position and stability. Ideal frames may have a shorter top tube and lower standover height. Moreover, adjusted angles provide a more balanced and stable ride.
  • Gear range: The gear range of a bike determines the ease of pedalling on various terrains. It should allow girls to climb hills and maintain a comfortable pedalling cadence.
  • Braking system: A reliable braking system is essential for safety and control. Bikes with responsive and easy-to-use brakes, such as disc brakes, are key.

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Best Bikes for Girls in Various Age Groups

Age group: 2-4 years

Gingersnap 12” Balance Bike

Recommended bike: Bobbin Balance Bike

Overview: A balance bike is perfect for young girls starting their cycling journey. It features a lightweight aluminium frame, a soft padded saddle, and 12-inch wheels. The design helps develop coordination and balance skills. Each bike model also comes in attractive colours and designs that appeal to young girls.

You can choose from Gingersnap, Moonbug, and Skylark.

Click here to view our full range of girls bikes for 2 to 4 year olds or our full range of toddler bikes.

Age group: 4-6 years

Brownie Junior 16” Wheel

Recommended bike: Bobbin 16” Kids Bikes

Overview: The Bobbin 16” Kids Bike is ideal for girls in this age group who are ready to transition to pedal bikes. It features a steel frame, 16-inch wheels, and an adjustable saddle and handlebars. The bike includes both front and rear fenders for added protection. Plus, a chainguard to prevent clothing from getting caught.

You can choose from Gingersnap, Moonbug, Skylark, and Brownie.

Click here to view our full range of girls bikes for 4 to 6 year olds. 

Age group: 5-8 years

Moonbug 16” Wheel 

Recommended bike: Bobbin 20” Kids Bike

Overview: The Bobbin 20” is a fantastic choice for girls aged 5-8 years - ready for a more advanced pedalling. Each model features  a steel frame, 20” wheels, and an adjustable saddle and handlebars.

The bikes offer a smooth and comfortable ride with their pneumatic tires. Not to mention the reliable braking system! The stylish design and vibrant colours are a big plus. Perfect for neighbourhood adventures, family rides, and building confidence on two wheels.

You can choose from Gingersnap, Brownie, and Hornet.

Click here to view our full range of girls bikes for 5 to 8 year olds. 

Age group: 7-12 years and Teenage girls

Hornet 24” Wheel Kids’ Hybrid Bike

Recommended bike: Bobbin 24" and 26" Kids Bike

Overview: Designed for young ladies seeking a stylish and versatile ride for urban or leisure cycling. Each model features a lightweight steel frame paired with 24" or 26" wheels. What’s more, a comfortable, upright riding position.

With a 7-speed drivetrain, girls can easily navigate various terrains. The bike also includes fenders, a rear rack for carrying essentials, and a chainguard for a clean ride.

You can choose from Gingersnap 24” and 26”, Hornet 24”

Click here to view our full range of girls bikes for 7 to 12 year olds. 

Age group: Women cyclists

Hummingbird Vintage Bike
Click here to view our full range of Women's Bikes

Overview: Bobbin Bikes offers a range of options specifically designed for women cyclists. The bikes combine elegance, comfort, and functionality to meet the unique needs of female riders.

Take the Hummingbird Vintage Bike, for example. It's a go-to bike for errands, leisure riding and all-around chic daily activities!

It features a lightweight aluminum frame that offers an upright riding position. The 7-speed drivetrain provides a wide range of gears, making it easy to tackle terrains. The bike also comes with 700c wheels that offer a smooth and efficient ride.

With its classic design and attention to detail, it combines fashion and function that suits women cyclists.

Take a look at the other models: Brownie Dutch, Fold Folding, Birdie, Kingfisher.


The right bike will empower girls and women to explore, grow, and create memories on two wheels. Whether it’s a girls balance bike for the little ones, a pedal bike, or an advanced model for older girls. Make sure to prioritise the factors above to find the perfect ride tailored to their needs!


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