15 Tips For Cycling The South Downs Way

15 Tips For Cycling The South Downs Way

This fantastic trip will take you around 2 to 4 days to cycle. If you’re ready to grab your bike and head off, pay attention to these fantastic tips and you’ll be more prepared than you’ve ever been before.

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This trip will span over a few days so it’s important you’ve done plenty of planning before you go. Plan out what you might need to bring, possible routes, who you’re going with, the weather and what clothes would be good for cycling in.

It’s also important to make sure you’ve planned what accessories you might need to be attached to your bike too so you’re safe when cycling!

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Over Packing

Since you’re going to be cycling, you don’t want to be weighed down by too much! Lay everything out and really consider if you’re going to need everything you’ve planned to bring. If there’s is something you don’t need, consider leaving it behind.

Remember: Even carrying too much in your rucksack can weigh the bike down too!

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Share Your Location 

This lengthy trip can be nothing but fun for you, but make sure your loved ones don’t worry and share your location. You can use apps that come pre-installed on phones and smart watches or download one that suits everyone. These are a great way to stay safe on trips alone!

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Spare Chargers 

Phones are great for so much! Lights, GPS, emergency contact! But you might be using it a lot so make sure you have spare chargers around! This is especially a great option if you’re going to be camping or staying somewhere with little-to-no electricity.

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Food and Drink 

You might not find many shops or restaurants through stretches of your route. So bring along food and drink! Remember to bring items that don’t need to be kept cold if you’re staying away for a few days and consider the animals you’re staying around, you don’t want any mischievous foxes raiding your bag at night.

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Bike Repair Kit 

Riding your bike for almost a week straight will likely leave it with maintenance needs. Bring along a handy tool kit and fix up your bike where needed. These are small and kept on your bike for emergencies.

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Check The Weather 

It goes without saying that checking what the weather is going to be is a handy piece of information to have. The weather can be unpredictable at the best of times but you don’t want to be cycling in the heat with a rain jacket on when it could save you some packing space!

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Know Your Limits 

If you’re not ready for a long cycling trip just yet, that’s ok. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever take the trip! Prepare yourself and your body, take lots of breaks and make sure you’re comfortable and you’ve looked after yourself!

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It’s key to remember you’re not a robot, take as many breaks as you want or need, don’t push yourself too hard and remember to fuel your body on these breaks. Drink lots of water and make sure you’re eating throughout the day.

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Go With Friends 

There’s nothing more fun than a cycling trip with friends spanning over a few days. Grab your friends, your bikes and your essentials and have the time of your life on a fun and exciting trip in the great outdoors.

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Since cycling in the countryside can often be unpredictable, plan a backup route that you and your holiday pals can take if things don't go to plan. You may want to stick to a road route but having a cycling route with some stunning views definitely can't hurt!

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Bike Types

Consider what type of bike is going to be best. If you're going to be taking on some tough terrain, why not consider mountain bikes over road bikes, these are going to better support you as you cycle through the stunning area of South Down in West Sussex!

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Pit Stop

If you're taking a long trip, why not consider visiting some of the surrounding areas? Brighton and west Sussex are close by and have some fantastic sights to offer visitors!

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Make sure you've properly planned ahead by ensuring your bike tyres are well maintained and looked after. The last thing you need is a puncture or tyre tear that you're forced to replaced in the middle if a great outdoor trip!

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Sun Screen

Although we're soon to be heading out of summer, sunscreen is so important, especially since you're going to be cycling in the hills and spending your time in the sun all day. Protect yourself and your skin by ensuring you've taken the right precautions. 

That’s it! They’re all of our handy tips, now all you need to do is head off and enjoy your cycling holiday. Don’t forget to take lots of photos and make some memories!

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