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Guide to What You Can and Can't Carry in a Bike Basket


Do you want a basket to transport your groceries? Or perhaps to carry your work gear? Maybe you want to let your dog ride along? Well, whatever your needs - there's a basket for everyone!

Not all baskets are designed with the same cargo in mind. That's the beauty of them - they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

But, it also means that it's not a one-size-fits-all purchase. When buying a basket, you have to think about how you plan to use it. What's right for someone else may not be right for you.

So, what basket fits what items?

From lightest to heaviest weight, here are some of the most common things you may wish to carry in your basket. And, what baskets we recommend for each of them.

Soft Toys

Some kids don't go anywhere without their teddy, and - really - why should they have to?

With a bike basket, they won't need to. Teddy can see the wide world between the park and your home from between the wicker weaves.

As far as choosing a basket goes, most kids baskets will do the trick. That is, as long as the toy of choice isn't the same size as your child. Then, the stuffed toy might be best in the parent's basket (but we're getting ahead of ourselves.)

Luckily for you, our bestselling Gingersnap Bicycle comes with a basket included. It is a basket designed with kids in mind to hold all of the essentials - including toys.

If you have a different model bike, fear not. We've got just the baskets for you:

  • The Gingersnap Basket

    Hey now, we didn't say you needed the Gingersnap bike to have the basket. In fact, it's available on its own. Just strap it to your handlebars, and your good to go. And, as we've said, it's perfect for teddy.

    In sizes small, medium, and large, you're sure to find one that fits you're kid's bike and, more importantly, their soft toy in.

  • Shire Kids Basket

    Our next choice of basket is comparable to the Gingersnap in what it can hold. Most of the differences between the two baskets are aesthetic.

    Rather than D shaped, the Shire basket is circular and uses chunky wicker. The wicker is also paler than the gingersnap. So, you may want to match it with lighter, pastel-coloured bikes.

  • Teddy Wicker Basket

    Is this cheating? The teddy wicker basket is good at its job. And, that job is to hold a teddy, like a doll seat. So yes, we'd say it was a good option.


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Corner Shop Items

Nipping to your local shop for those last-minute bits and bobs can be an almost daily occurrence.

Whether you'd forgotten that you'd already used the last lemon that's essential for your recipe, or you just fancied a bar of chocolate with the film you're watching - we've got you covered.

For the short bike ride to the shop and back, you don't need the same giant basket as someone doing their weekly shop. The few items you buy can fit into a more compact basket, like: 

  • Urban Front Basket

    The Urban Front is a shallow basket that is both sturdy and practical. Ideal for popping your half-full tote bag in after the last-minute dash to the store.

  • Rack Basket - Silver

    Similar in style to the urban front basket, but sitting on the rear rack. The rear basket has a quick-release clamp that means it doubles as the shopping basket itself.

    Say goodbye to juggling your purchases when you forget your carrier bag! Its 2 in 1 functionality is made for small shop trips like these.


Carrying flowers is one of the most common uses for a bike basket. Some people bring them home to brighten up their living room, while some take them to friends and family to brighten up their day.

Whatever the reason you're carrying flowers, there is nothing more frustrating than when they constantly slip from the basket. This is usually because the basket's walls aren't tall enough for the bunch.

To combat this, we suggest you use a basket similar to: 

  • Medium Allotment Basket

    In the medium size, the allotment basket is tall enough to keep your flowers upright. But, not too tall that it would block you and passers-by from seeing their beauty.

    Half of the joy from cycling with flowers in your basket comes from seeing their petals peak out and having whiffs of their scent drift back in the wind.

    This happiness is depleted if they've slipped into the depths of a huge basket. So, it's important to be as selective as goldilocks - picking a basket that's just right.

  • Express Basket - Breton Stripes

    The Breton Express is designed to be spacious but not too tall. Perfect for arranging your flowers.

    And, when you arrive at your destination, just take the basket with you. It has two carry handles which mean you can bring your flowers with you wherever you go. Therefore, extending your enjoyment of them.

Bottle of Wine 

At the end of a long day, you sometimes fancy nipping to the shops to grab a bottle of wine on your way home.

Although it's only one item, so you'd imagine you could get away with a small basket, you can't risk the heartbreak of having it slip out and smash. So, that rules out a shallow basket. But, you also don't need a massive one that it will just rattle around in.

So, what baskets does that leave?

  • Express Basket

    The express basket is a metal basket that hooks over the handlebars and attaches to your bike's head tube. Its steel frame is sturdy but lightweight. The gaps would be too big to risk putting your keys in, but, it is secure for holding a bottle.

  • Nomad Basket

    Shaped like a bulb, the nomad basket is spacious through being wide in width but slim to the frame. One might even say, wine bottle-shaped.

    We also suggest this basket for people who are nervous about using an uncovered basket. The nomad comes with a lid. This means people can't see what's in your basket.

    It also comes with another benefit - that nothing can leap out when you're moving fast as the wind.


bike vintage bike with basket red postbox

A Picnic

The quintessential cycling activity. Taking your bike to a local beauty spot to enjoy a feast with your loved ones is a right of passage for all cyclists.

And yet, to truly have a feast, you need a basket with a good weight capacity. How else will you transport your spread of cakes, nibbles, and sandwiches?

There are specific types of bike baskets for such an occasion:

  • Dahlia Basket Natural

    Designed to resemble the traditional picnic basket, the Dahlia is a gorgeous wicker design that will dazzle all the guests at your picnic.

    It can mount onto the handlebars or a rear bike rack to suit you. This gives you the flexibility to mix up the look of your bike whenever you wish.

  • Palma Basket

    The Palma is a large stripy rattan basket that can carry up to 5 kg, meaning there will be plenty of room for cheese and crackers.

    Its spacious interior leaves space for a blanket to sit on, as well as all the snacks you could possibly want.

    If you've stacked it so high that you worry your items might fall out, consider using bungee ties to keep everything secure and in place.

Commuting Gear

The idea of commuting by road bike is very appealing. Getting to achieve some exercise, skip the bus, and lord it over your colleagues. But, it can be hard in practice.

When you need to juggle your equipment, lunch, and coat in one rucksack, it's a tight squeeze. And, any imbalance in the weight of the bag could throw off your bike balance as well.

So, a basket is a great alternative. But, which one?

  • Steel Front Basket

    The front basket lets you keep an eye on your valuables as you ride, reducing stress over whether they're safe. Pop your equipment in a bag and set it in the basket. We recommend, again, that you use bungee's to secure your pack.

  • Pannier Basket - Breton Stripes

    The deep rear pannier allows for your equipment to rest on the back of the bike frame. Slick and sturdy, it is deceptively large against the rear wheel.

    And, if you wanted more storage for your work gear, you could opt for the matching front basket. Be warned, though - you'll never want to get the tube to the office again!


kids bike basket autumn leaves and twigs

Your Dog

Having your pet alongside you as you cycle is most puppy owners dream. Not only is it an adorable picture, but also a practical way to travel with your dog.

Riding a bike with a dog in the basket means being very selective. You must ensure that the basket's weight limit is above your dog's size and allows for any extra weight your dog may put on as they grow.

Some dogs stay small enough as they age to travel in bike baskets, and some will only be able to as puppies.

Before taking your dog on any journey, make sure that they are well trained to remain calm and will stay in the basket. This is for their own safety.

Bobbin baskets that are suitable to carry a dog include: 

  • Allotment Basket (Tall or Large)

    The Allotment is built from high-grade wicker to create a sturdy and durable basket.

    Unlike the medium size, the tall/large needs extra support to carry up to 4 kg of weight. This comes in the form of a carrier that prevents it from stressing under heaviness.

    Considering your puppy is unlikely to sit entirely still for a whole journey, this extra support will help counteract the weight by holding the basket in a second place.

  • Pannier Basket - Breton Stripes

    Making a second feature on our list is the multi-talented Pannier basket. Like the allotment basket, it can hold a dog due to its higher sides and robust build. But, it is attached to the rear bike rack rather than the handlebars.

    The deep basket of the pannier means that there's room for a blanket under your dog's paws - giving extra comfort on your cycle adventures.

  • Cambridge Basket

    Our Cambridge is another basket that might be suitable for your pet. Like the Allotment, it also uses a carrier support system to hold up to 4 kg.

    The main difference is that it is rectangle-shaped rather than oval and slightly bigger. So, it may have more space for a fluffy tail...

Choices Galore!

Now, it's time to think about what you need a basket for. Is it just for the odd pack of crisps or for your pet to ride alongside you?

If in doubt, in terms of baskets, we'd always advise you bigger is better. Maybe one day you'll be desperate for a picnic but only have a small tray. Better to be safe than miss out on all of those cakes!

Feeling inspired? Click here to buy your dream basket to ride off into the sunset with.






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