Check It Out: The Best Gold Bike Helmets

Check It Out: The Best Gold Bike Helmets

When you’re setting out for a trip on your bike, it’s important to remember that road safety is key. Although most bike helmets can look as though they ruin the look of your bike, it’s all about finding a stylish helmet that suits the bike (and you) perfectly. 

Below, you’re going to find the best gold bike helmets perfect for your bike ride!


If gold is good enough for Fernando Alonso!
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Why choose a gold helmet?

A gold bicycle helmet stands out from the crowd. If you’re using your bike to travel to work or make a commute, there’s no chance someone could accidentally take your helmet if it’s gold. Gold can keep your helmet safe from accidental theft!

Gold is also a very visible colour. When you’re travelling on the road, cycling next to cars, there’s more of a chance drivers will be able to see you if you’re wearing a gold bike helmet. It stands out! 

If you’re someone who likes to make a big and bold fashion statement, then a gold bike helmet is perfect! Gold is a daring colour, besides the benefits mentioned above, gold is the ideal way to make a fashion statement.


Mirror Mirror Helmet in Gold

Mirror Mirror Bike Helmet 

This gold bike helmet is a perfect style and ideal shape for those who want to cycle through the streets in a safe and comfortable helmet. This lightweight helmet is the perfect addition to your ride and will keep you safe and comfortable.

Its reflective surface allows the helmet to be cleaned easily if it gets dirty and will adapt to any look you're going for. No matter if that's a vintage and traditional look, or a retro look! The reflective surface is a far better choice compared to a dull gold helmet.

The gold colour is ideal if you’re someone who wants to stand out and impress others! 

Mirror Mirror Helmet in Rose Gold

Mirror Mirror Bike Helmet Rose Gold Copper

If you’re looking for a twist on the gold colour, rose gold copper is perfect. It’s a subtle twist to gold, whilst still making a bold statement and having the same benefits as above. Being easily cleaned, not damaged in the rain and of course, most importantly, keeps you safe by meeting safety standards.

With its straps that have an adjustable size, this is sure to fit any adult bike rider, giving you ample protection, great for allround cycling.

With a bike helmet in a colour like this, the look to your bike or outfit doesn’t get spoilt whilst you’re still being safe and secure whilst cycling down the road. This could be the perfect helmet for you.


Mirror Mirror Helmet in Bronze

Mirror Mirror Bike Helmet Bronze

If gold isn’t quite your thing and you’re looking to venture off a little, try bronze. This, again, has the same benefits as a gold bike helmet but is probably the most subtle of all the colours (whilst still being close to gold).

Often adult bike helmets can be seen as boring or dull, coming in just one shape and the same variations of colours. Golden helmets are the best way to take the dull out of your bike ride. A versatile helmet could be what you're missing!

The reflective surface ensures drivers will see you, whilst the gold and bronze colour doesn’t reflect light and make it unsafe. You’re sure to be seen wearing a bike helmet like this!

Brownie bike

Bikes To Match

Now you've got the perfect bike helmet for you, you just need to find a bike to match! Below you're going to find some of the best bikes to go with your brand new gold helmet.

  • Brownie 7 Dutch Bike - This girl's vintage bike comes in four different colours which would work well with a gold bike helmet. This would make your helmet look subtle whilst also ensuring you're safe on the road.
  • Kingfisher Commuter Bike - Sticking to a more traditional style, this bike is the perfect match for a gold bike helmet. Coming in two different shades of blue and also black, this is the perfect colour match!
  • Hummingbird Vintage Bike - If you want to stick to a more traditional and "normal" looking bike then this is ideal. It's perfect for all those summer outings with friends or family and comes in two different shades of blue!
  • "Fold" Folding Bike - This bike is perfect for a commuter in large cities like London or Manchester. A folding bike is a compact way of travelling through the city and this particular bike will perfectly complement gold biking helmets. 

If you're stuck on a colour, try to choose colours that compliment the gold helmet. These would be colours such as green, blue or navy. Steer away from colours such as yellow.

 Ding dong bells


With the ideal bike and dream helmet, all that's left to do is accessories your bike! Choosing the perfect extras isn't a tough choice when we've added them all here for you!

  • Express Bike BasketA bike basket is a must if you're making lots of trips! It's a practical and handy solution to carrying your bags back from work or items back after shopping.
  • Embossed Ringer Bell - Road safety is key, so having a bell is a much-needed item when riding on cycle tracks or the road. This bell comes in two different colours and will perfectly complement your gold helmet and your bike!
  • Toggle Box Bag - Like before, this bag is practical and also helps you save the environment, with a bag like this, you don't need to purchase plastic bags from the shops or carry them out with you. With the bag being on the back, it's also in the perfect place to stay out of your way or even allow you to add another basket to the front.
  • Lightweight Urban Carrier Rack - If you're opting for the bag above, then this carrier rack will also be needed! Perfect for mounting your bag onto, you'll be able to make it home with everything secure to your bike.
  • Circle Bike Light (Front) - If you're all about road safety then a bike light is a must! This bike light sits comfortably on the front of your bike and allows passers-by and traffic to spot you! It's also subtle enough to not get in your way or distract you whilst you're riding.

You’re sure to find the ideal gold helmet for you now you’ve taken a delve into the post above. If you’d like to take a look at all of the other accessories and bikes we have available, be sure to check out our website. Have fun riding safely on the road, in style!

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