little boy in pyjamas on a bobbin bike with a bobbin helmet in front of a christmas tree

How to Wrap a Bike for Christmas (9 Simple & Creative Ways)


Buying your child a bike for Christmas is the present to beat all presents. 

A bicycle is more than a toy.

It'll be the object attached to some of your kids' most special memories when they later look back at their childhood.

It encourages adventures and independence that'll shape your child.

But, hiding a bike under the Christmas tree makes discretion difficult.

Some parents lean into the obvious outline of the present, while others want the surprise to be intact.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to wrap a kids bike.

And, we've outlined some of our favourites - so whether you want to keep things simple or get creative, we've got a method for you! 

The Classic

When imagining a gift-wrapped bicycle, most peoples minds would jump straight to the way we'd wrap any other gift - wrapping paper.

1. Wrapping Paper 

We've all seen images of perfectly wrapped bikes and thought, how on earth is that possible? 

With the amount of time, effort, and expert folds that go into it, the prospect of wrapping your kid's bike this way can seem overwhelming to say the least.

But, we have a nifty trick to make it that little bit easier. 

Instead of using flimsy wrapping paper, try wrapping it up with a festive paper table cloth. The material is sturdier, so much less likely to rip, and you get the same effect.

Your child will be able to deduce what's behind the wrapping paper but still have the fun of ripping it apart.

Plus, with it already assembled, they'll be ready to ride it immediately to continue the fun.

We'd just recommend you not leave it to Christmas Eve evening, especially if you are using actual wrapping paper.

It can be a long and frustrating process - but it's worth the final result!

bicycle wrapped in wrapping paper for christmas

Make Things Easy for Yourself 

The classic wrapping technique can be fiddly.

If you've not got time on your hands (or would rather spend the time watching The Grinch with a bottle of wine), there are easier alternatives.

They, too, have a lasting effect on your child - be that through the element of surprise or that it's so obvious that your kid's immediately blown away.

2. Big Bow and Gift Tag 

The ultimate simple but stylish way to wrap your bike is not to wrap it at all.

Instead, show off the present so your child can get excited as soon as they walk into the room.

Just attach a big bow to the handlebars and a tag that says your child's name.

Plus, it's a less wasteful way of gifting a bike - wrapping it up uses a lot of paper and tape.

If you're interested in arts and crafts - make the bow yourself following this handy tutorial!

3. Wrap in the Box

Most bikes don't arrive ready assembled. They are usually delivered in a rectangular box, which is a much more convenient shape for wrapping.

This method will keep the surprise intact and makes your life a whole lot easier - it's a win-win. 

The only downside is that your kid won't be able to start riding their new bike immediately.

You'll have to assemble it first, which perhaps isn't a job you want on Christmas day... 

4. Bike Gift Bag

Countless people face this same problem every Christmas, and so someone had to find an easy solution.

And they have!

Bike gift bags were created specifically to disguise a bike on Christmas day.

Just cover the bike with the bag, and the gift under the tree could be any giant thing.

Similarly, you can buy Santa sacks big enough to hold a bike.

These bags and sacks manage to keep the surprise and are in the festive spirit.

5. Christmas Lights

This technique is simple, effective, and free!

All you need is a Christmas decoration you haven't found space for this year, be that Christmas lights, a wreath, tinsel, or all of the above.

We'd definitely recommend Christmas lights most, though - wrap them around the bike frame and flick the switch to give your kids a magical Christmas morning.

fairy lights wrapped around bike

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6. Wait For It...

Our last easy method is the simplest of all. Just be prepared to do a bit of acting.

Hide the new bike in another room while presents are being opened.

Your child may be too distracted by other people opening presents and opening their gifts from other people notice you haven't given them anything.

Once all the other presents have been opened, act as though it's all over. Be sure to distract your child with something else.

Use this time to sneak out of the room and wheel the bike in.

Then, wait until your child notices it and act surprised like them.

Your kid will be in awe of how quickly Santa moves.

wrapped up kid on a bobbin bike in winter

Go All Out 

This is the kind of gift you want your child to remember receiving in years to come.

And what better way to do that than making a spectacle out of the reveal of the present? 

These "all-out" methods will be more effort than our simple tricks, but we promise it's worth it for the look on your kid's face when you reveal the bike.

7. Hidden Behind Balloons 

You might want to get some help with this one - blowing up however many balloons it takes to cover a bike may send your head spinning! 

But, the result is a fun surprise. 

You can duct tape the balloons to the bike or just balance them around the bike. 

And, if you're feeling especially creative, you can even make a Christmas Tree out of balloons to hide your bike in or behind!

Either way, just cover your vintage bike with the pile of balloons and watch your little one rummage through until they find their present.

As they begin throwing the balloons out of the way, their excitement will only grow. It's fun for you to watch and for them to do!

christmas tree made of balloons

8. Individually Wrapped

This is an excellent way for your child to have something to unwrap without you having to navigate wrapping such a large and inconveniently shaped gift. 

There are two ways you can do this.

The first one involves dotting all the different pieces under the tree.

Ideally, you'd place things hard to identify as a bike in a position where your child will pick them up first.

They'll get more and more confused as they unwrap pedals, the head tube, and wheels - and then suddenly, it will click.

Or, you could wrap up the bike helmet and, while they're confused about the nature of the present, wheel in the actual bike.

Both are entertaining ways to surprise your child.

Just remember - if you wrapped the pieces separately, you've still got the job of assembling the bike!

9. Treasure Hunt

We've saved the best for last!

A treasure hunt is an unforgettable way to lead your child to their new bike.

Wrap the first clue up and leave it under the tree. Then, have your child follow the clues to the shed where your bike is hidden.

You'll be able to see their excitement grow as they get closer to the prize and this is enough to justify the time and effort.

Plus, part of the present becomes that activity itself! 

But, if you need another reason, this is perfect blackmail material for the future when you're asking them to look after you in your old age.

You gave them the best present in the best way - they can't argue with that!

homemade treasure map for kids

Wrapping Up a Kids Bike For Christmas

So, we hope we've simplified the bike wrapping process for you and given you some inspiration for when you're faced with the trickiest gift shape.

It's such an exciting present to give, so you don't want to be bogged down by how to wrap it. That's why we've tried to put the fun back into the wrapping process.

Your kid will be astounded if you use any of these methods, which will increase your enjoyment on the day.

There's a wide range of ways to wrap a bike, but our favourites are:

1. Wrapping paper

2. Big bow and gift tag

3. Wrap in the box

4. Bike gift bag

5. Christmas lights

6. Wait for it...

7. Hidden behind balloons

8. Individually wrapped

9. Treasure hunt

If you want to learn more about which bike you should buy your child this Christmas, check out our Christmas gift guide to buying a bike!

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