Bobbin's Guide to Bike Baskets and Bikes With Baskets

Bobbin's Guide to Bike Baskets and Bikes With Baskets

There’s nothing more exciting than being able to choose any kind of bike accessory you want, especially when you’ve bought a new bike!

One of the most popular (and practical) accessories is a bike basket, but with the endless options you have to hand, which one is best?

Below you’ll find all the different types of baskets and the benefits of each, helping you make a perfect choice!


Metal baskets are perfect for long term use, especially if you’re going to use it to carry plenty of shopping back or heavier items. This type of basket gives a traditional look and provides the perfect practical accessory to your bike.

This type of basket is great if you're someone who has lots of heavier items to carry back with you, the metal is an ideal choice!


A wicker basket is a very traditional looking basket, often seen on bikes with a 20th century look so if this is your style, then a wicker basket is perfect! Not only are they durable but they’re great in the rain too because they won’t rust!

A beautiful wicker basket is ideal for all of those summer picnics you might've planned with friends!


Perfect for those who carry back plenty of hot food, an insulated basket is often what you see on delivery bikes. These help to keep food cold, hot or even just help to keep everything else stored properly. These are great for keeping your water bottle cold, your lunch warm and everything else sealed perfectly.

These are a great choice of removable bike baskets, some of which are made from natural materials. They fit well onto classic bikes, traditional bikes, and girls vintage bikes and are used most often in the delivery service.

Pet carrier baskets

A pet is very much part of the family, so taking them out on bike rides can be a fun experience. This is a great way of taking your dog out on your family bike ride instead of the normal walk you’d go on!

Often you'll find these to be weather resistant, so if you're looking for a practical weather-resistant bike basket, then try one of these!

Dual basket

A dual basket can be a great way to save on some space! These baskets sit on top of the wheel and will leave you with storage space on either side of the chosen wheel. They’re a subtle way of adding some much needed practical storage to your bike.

These baskets are often the most favoured type of rear baskets and can often take heavier loads, much like the metal basket. The dual basket sits comfortably on the bike frame and can come in a wide range of colours. These are perfect for carrying your essential items, everyday items and everything else in between!

Now you know all about each basket type and which might be suited to you, you can go ahead and add a practical and valued accessory to your bike. Don’t forget to take a look at all of the incredible bike baskets we have and choose one for yourself!

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