15 Family-Friendly Indoor Bike Rides In The UK

15 Family-Friendly Indoor Bike Rides In The UK

Riding your bike outdoors, especially in winter, can be something you don’t always look forward to. An indoor bike centre can often be the perfect solution, plus there are so many great family-friendly ones! Here are 15 great family-friendly indoor bike centres!


Wales National Velodrome, Newport - This velodrome is a registered charity and offers cycling to all ages. You’ll find children’s cycling facilities, indoor cycling classes and the track on which you’ll be able to train.

Lee Valley VeloPark, London - If you’re looking for somewhere that offers indoor and outdoor cycling then this is perfect. Placed in London, this velodrome was once the home of the 2012 Olympics. Road bicycles are a popular choice of bike here.

Herne Hill Velodrome, London - This velodrome is based in South London and was once the home of the 1948 Summer Olympics. Here you’ll find track cycling, outdoor cycling, accessibility cycling and bike sessions for kids. You could even get your kids used to a balance bike here!

Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, Glasgow - This is an indoor velodrome based in the heart of Glasgow and was built for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. This place is suitable for a wide range of bikes.

Bournemouth Velodrome - If you’re looking for somewhere to teach you all there is about cycling then this is perfect. Here, you’ll find sessions available for introductions to cycling as well as private bookings. Electric bikes aren't very common in velodromes but you could definitely give them a go.



Caird Park Velodrome, Dundee - Offering a variety of sports, this velodrome is great if you’re looking for a family day out where you can all do something different!

Derby Velodrome, Midlands - This venue opened in 2015 and here, you’ll find elite athletes training for sporting events. It’s also open to the general public where you’ll find classes such as kids, women only, juniors, seniors and more.

National Cycling Velodrome, Manchester - This velodrome opened in 1994 and has a capacity of just over 3K people. This venue is perfect for a family day out cycling indoors.

Calshot Velodrome, Southampton - Offering some great facilities, this venue is ideal if you’re looking for a fun family day out trying new activities and sports! Plus, their cycling track is great!

Palmer Park Velodrome - This is an outdoor cycling experience based in Reading. The venue was built in 1988 and the outdoor track is 459 meters long. 


York Sport Velodrome - This velodrome is of course based in York and has some fantastic cycling facilities. Whilst the centre itself is indoors, the cycling track is outdoors.

Carmarthen Park Velodrome, Wales
- This velodrome is based in West Wales and has one of the UK’s best cycling facilities. The velodrome itself is outdoors but there is indoor facilities. Mountain bikes are very common on these types of tracks.

Middlesbrough Sports Village
- This fantastic velodrome is based outside with wonderful indoor facilities in the adjoining building. This track is suitable for all abilities and ages.

The Mountbatten Centre
- If you’re looking for a centre that has cycling as well as other sports then this is perfect. The cycling track is outside but other facilities are based inside. Try using a gravel bike or a regular bike for this trip.

Halesowen Velodrome
- This velodrome is located at Manor Abbey Stadium in Halesowen. This track is indoors but there aren’t any other sporting activities available. These are great if you're wanting to get your family used to a bike before heading off on a family bike ride.

Those are our 15 great indoor (
and outdoor) cycling facilities. Now all you have to do is grab your helmet and head off on a fantastic family day out! Maybe try heading off to London or Yorkshire next!

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