What is the Best Bike Colour for Your Child?

What is the Best Bike Colour for Your Child?

Did you know that there’s a psychology behind every colour available for kids bikes? It’s worth considering choosing a suitable shade for your little rider, in addition to getting the right kids bike size guide. We’ll take a closer look at the five popular options, including red, pink, yellow, blue, and green. Ready to make a choice?

Red Bikes

Moonbug 16” Wheel

Red is an eye-catching colour associated with elements of nature such as fire, sun, and blood. Studies show that exposure to this hue can increase heart rate and adrenaline levels, promoting enthusiasm. This shade also symbolises passion and love, which makes it appealing to kids when it comes to bikes.

The vibrant shade stands out; motorists and pedestrians can spot children riding it. This increased visibility can enhance safety, especially in low-light conditions or busy areas.

Pink Bikes

Gingersnap 20” Wheel

The colour pink is often linked with femininity, charm, and feelings of tenderness. It evokes a sense of comfort; even studies have suggested it has a calming effect. Pink may help promote relaxation and reduce aggression, which cyclists could benefit from.

Pink’s soft and gentle nature also creates a serene biking experience. It’s no surprise it has become a popular choice, especially for ladies bikes!

Tip: This colour can be an accessory with a cute bike basket or handlebar tassels for creativity!

Yellow Bikes

Gingersnap 20” Wheel

Yellow is a colour akin to sunshine, happiness, and optimism, as well as can uplift spirits! Studies have shown that exposure to yellow can increase feelings of joy. The cheerful nature of this shade activates mental processes associated with creativity, too. It can add a dose of joy to your kid’s cycling experience.

Similar to red, this shade makes the bike highly noticeable, making your child be easily seen on the road.

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Blue Bikes

Moonbug 16” Wheel

The colour blue best describes tranquillity. It represents the sky and sea and is associated with imagination and freedom. Studies also claim that exposure to this shade can lower blood pressure. As a result, it induces a sense of stillness and reduces stress.

Blue bikes are versatile and can be enjoyed by children of all genders, but they are mostly found in boys bikes. Riding one can provide a peaceful escape for your young cyclist.

Green Bikes

Brownie Junior 20” Wheel

Green represents the zest of life, progress, and balance for the heart and mind. Bikes in this colour can spark adventure with a connection to nature. Research even claims that exposure to green can have a restorative effect, improving mood and reducing stress. It’s reminiscent of lush meadows, tall trees, and open spaces. This encourages your child to explore and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings.


Let your child have a say in picking a colour they love to make their biking experience even more special. Whether it’s red, yellow, green, or another shade, involve them in the decision. Take the time to explore the options together, and may you find the perfect bike for them!

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