Bobbin Bikes: Videos & Media Appearances

Bobbin Bikes: Videos & Media Appearances

 Check out everywhere that our awesome Bobbin products have been featured - from Capital One and Three Mobile ads to BBC shows and more! Scroll to check it out.

Miles Langley Style Video

The Bobbin Birdie is celebrated in the video below by Miles Langley, a New Zealand-born, London-based director. It with soundtrack by our pals The Duke Spirit.

Bobbin Bicycles - Style Film from Miles Langley on Vimeo.

CBeebies: "My First Bike"

We were very happy to find our Bobbin Gingersnap featured in "My First Bike". Find out how to assemble, fit and ride this lovely bicycle here.

Made in Chelsea

Check out Milly and Caggie, riding round the park in the E4 show Made in Chelsea.

Milly is seen on a Bobbin Birdie.

Bobbin Gold Helmet / Smirnoff We are Open

Seen our Gold helmet opening the Smirnoff "We are Open" campaign? 

OK, we know it's an advert...but has a great sentiment that certainly chimes with us Londoners 😊  

Credit: Smirnoff

Harvey Nicholls TV Ad

This fantastic Harvey Nicholls Christmas TV ad featured a Bobbin Gold helmet.

 Credit: Harvey Nichols

Marks & Spencer Home

We were delighted to see M&S using our Bobbin Beat in their Christmas promotions. Here it is presented as a Christmas gift AND present delivering device. We endorse both, naturally. Marks and Spencers - we salute your vision!

Credit: M&S

Pooch Perfect

Pooch perfect's Sheridan Smith arrives at the show on a Bobbin, complete with a Bobbin Starling Helmet!

Check the first episode here.


May Day

May Day was a creepy BBC drama featuring a missing May Queen. The title featured a Bobbin Birdie, ridden very prettily through the woods.


MTV promote Bobbin in this super duper fashion shoot.


Credit: MTV

Three Mobile

Here’s the Bobbin Strawberry kids bike, being ridden with aplomb by a typical Bobbin rider in the Three mobile ad! They blocked out the logo (understandably), but the production crew requested the bike basket in advance of shooting, so the cat could get used to it! 

Credit: Three Mobile

Best of Hamilton

Create Media make a super-glam little video of the Bobbin Birdie:

BOBBIN BICYCLES - Birdie from CreateMedia on Vimeo.

Capital One TV Ad

Thanks Capital One for heavily featuring our vintage Brownie bike and Metric Helmet!

We can't promise all Brownie bikes magically transform into motorbikes after eating an ice cream...just the odd one!

You can even shop the look yourself right here:

The Bobbin Brownie and our gorgeous Metric helmet in green!

We hope you enjoyed see Bobbin featured everywhere as much as we did! Keep checking back to our blog as we update it or let us know if you've seen us somewhere!

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