Kids' Vintage Bikes

Browse our selection of Vintage Bikes at the home of Retro, Bobbin Bikes. Our selection of vintage bikes is unmatched, and it's just the same when it comes to kids' bikes. Browse our unique selection of kids' vintage and retro bikes in a range of styles and colours - from our pastel Gingersnap Bikes to the bright and bold Moonbugs. Click here to view our adults vintage bikes.

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Children's Vintage & Retro Bikes

In our selection of Kids' Vintage Bikes, classic elegance meets playful adventure and beautiful colours. With a touch of nostalgia and a whole lot of fun, these timeless two-wheelers are sure to captivate young hearts and set them off on two wheels in style!

Our Kids' Vintage Bikes are carefully designed and handcrafted in-house with meticulous attention to detail, combining the charm of yesteryear with the safety and reliability of modern craftsmanship.

Each bike is thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of vintage allure, featuring retro-inspired frames, elegant handlebars, and stylish colour schemes that effortlessly stand out from the crowd. Many of our bikes also feature a selection of in-built accessories, like classic bells, woven baskets, and stabilisers for the little ones.

Our kids bikes are available in a range of sizes, we have everything from Toddler Balance Bikes to Bikes for 7-11 Year-Olds. Find one that suits your child and style - and get a matching kids' bike helmet to complete the look!