10 Tips For Biking In The City

10 Tips For Biking In The City

Cities are fantastic places to bike. There’s so much to see and bikes are easier to get around in because cars can just get stuck in traffic. Grab your helmet and take a peek at some great tips below.

Helmet - It goes without saying this should be a priority. Wear your helmet and keep yourself safe. 

Rules - Follow the rules of the road. Bikes are considered vehicles and cities can often have the busiest roads.

Lights - Using lights is a great way to ensure you’re easily seen if it starts to get dark whilst you’re out.

Signal - Be clear and bold when you signal. Let everyone know you’re intentions well ahead of time

Shoes - Make sure you’re wearing the right shoes to cycle in. They need a good grip and to keep your feet warm or cool depending on the weather. 

Doors - It’s always best to assume car doors are going to open. Give parks cards a wide berth. 

Storage - Make sure any and all belongings in your bike are secured. Bike baskets and bags are a fantastic way to make travel to and from shops, work and home with all your stuff easy.

Kerbs - Stay off and away from kerbs. There are plenty of pedestrians in cities and you don’t want to injure anyone!

Space - Make sure you don’t tailgate any vehicles. Give yourself enough room in case of an accident or them braking.

Traffic Lights - It’s always better to stop ahead of time than to speed through an amber. Just remember to keep an eye on who's behind you. You don’t want to brake whilst they speed up.

Now you’re all clued up, it’s time to get out there!

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