The Bobbin Stocking Fillers Gift Guide

The Bobbin Stocking Fillers Gift Guide

The cosy Christmas months are getting closer and soon enough, we’re going to be stuck for Christmas present ideas and running around last minute! This year, we’ve made it easy for you! Below, we have some fantastic stocking filler ideas for your kids, all below the price of £20 and all perfect additions to their bikes. Affordable and exciting, the perfect mix!


(Gingersnap 16")

Stocking Fillers

If your child is a keen cyclist or they’re just getting their first bike, then bike-themed stocking fillers are the perfect way to go. We have a wide range of bike additions that'd fit perfectly into a stocking, all affordable and exciting. They're ideal no matter your child's bike, from balance bikes to road bikes, you're going to find a huge range of options to choose from!

(Bike Bells)


We have a wide range of colourful and exciting bells to add to your child's bike. Coming in colours of blue, yellow, red and silver, you’re bound to find the best bike bell to match your child's bike. Plus, they’re an added safety feature! Take a delve into our range of bells with fun designs below!

Ding Dong Bell

Coming in five popping and exciting colours, we have the Ding Dong Bell. This bell is perfect if you’re wanting to stand out or add a bright pop of colour to your bike! It stands at just £15, so it’s super affordable!

Embossed Ringer Bell

If you’re looking for a bike bell that’s more subtle but still colourful, the Embossed Ringer Bell is perfect. This bike bell comes in four subtle but stand-out colours, enhancing your child’s bike without adding too much colour. This bike bell is just £9, making it the perfect affordable option this Christmas!

Ciao Bronze Bell

If you’re looking for a bicycle bell that has a more traditional feel, then the Ciao Bronze Bell is the right choice for you. This bike bell will accentuate the traditional look of your child’s bike, whilst still enhancing its look and safety! This bike bell is just £15! 


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Our headlamps attach to the front of the bike, providing plenty of light for your kids as they cycle into sunsets as the days draw in. We have a wide range of headlamps available to choose from, take your pick and keep your kids safe!

Classic Bike Headlamp

We of course had to start with the Classic Bike Headlamp! This bike light is bright, allowing your child to see clearly in front of them as they ride their bike. It fits in well with any bike since it gives both a modern and traditional look. So no matter if your kids have a road bike or a mountain bike, this headlamp is ideal.

Circle Bike Light (Front)

The front Circle Bike Light is a great option if you’re looking for a more subtle approach to a bike light. This light sits comfortably on the handlebars, lighting up the way as your kids ride their bikes!

Button Bike Light Set

If you’re looking for a bike light with plenty of colours, then the Button Bike Set is perfect. The lights themselves are normal LED lights, but the casing around them provides a modern and colourful look to your child’s bike. They’re also super easy to attach, with a string around the light. No tools involved!


(Bike Baskets)


As your kids grow independent, they’ll need somewhere safe to carry their belongings and a saddlebag is perfect. It’s small enough to go unnoticed by people they’re around but big enough to fit items such as keys, a phone and money.

Daytripper Saddlebag

We have a fantastic option if you’re looking for an affordable and compact bag to attach to your kid's bike. This bike bag does come in at over £20, but only just! It’s only £29, so if you’re looking for a subtle bike bag, then the Daytripper Saddlebag is perfect!

(Gingersnap 24") 

Water bottle

We couldn’t end this without including a water bottle! If your kids are keen riders or they’re out on their bikes all day, a water bottle is a perfect addition. This way, they don’t need to stop to head into a shop and there’s no excuse to drink sugary drinks all day!

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Out Stainless Steel Water Bottle is the perfect addition to any bike. It'd keep its contents cool, whilst also allowing road users to know they don't need to stop! Your kids will be able to go on bike rides for hours with this water bottle added to their bikes!


Those are all of our stocking filler bike-themed items. Treat your kids this year to some great additional bike extras and enhance their riding experience.

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