The Bobbin Gingersnap Gift Guide

The Bobbin Gingersnap Gift Guide

Give children the gift of fun and adventure this year with their very own Bobbin Bicycle. And when it comes to a bike from Bobbin, there’s nothing quite like a bike from our iconic Gingersnap range

With models for kids of all ages, Gingersnap Bicycles are beloved for their vibrant colours, cute vintage design, and their collection of wonderful features and accessories that are included as standard! These bikes make wonderful cycling gifts for children as young as two or as old as 11 - or even older.

We’ve curated this gift guide to help you find the Gingersnap bike that suits your mini-me. Whether they need their very first Balance Bike, or something they can ride until into their teenage years, you’ll find the perfect fit among these six unique children’s bicycles.

Gingersnap 12" Bike in Pale Green

What Makes a Gingersnap Bike?

We’ve found that our wonderful Gingersnap Bikes are a fan-favourite with Bobbin customers. But why? What makes a Gingersnap so great?

It could be the colours. Each Gingersnap Bike is available in a variety of vibrant pastel colours that make them, and their rider, stand out from the crowd. From the beautiful Blossom Pink to Cerise Red, or even Dandelion Yellow. With even more to choose from in-store, there’s a colour and a Gingersnap for everyone.

A Yellow Bobbin Gingersnap Bike Leaned Against a Pink Garage Door

It could also be the accessories. Every single Gingersnap Bike comes with a fantastic complement of little add-ons that make it the complete biking package. 

From the rustic wicker basket and colour-matched mudguards to the shiny silver bell and vegan leather embossed saddle, every Gingersnap is a joy to own and ride. Smaller models also come with stabilisers (training wheels) included as standard.

A pink gingersnap in a rural field with a picnic blanket and basket

Or, it could be the unique vintage design. We hand-make every single Bobbin Bike to ensure that it meets the high standards of our designs. The result is an iconic, retro design that emulates the beautiful simplicity of the early twentieth century. This is all complemented by the solid cream tyres.

This design makes the Gingersnap totally unique compared to other children’s bikes - which is what makes it so popular. In the end, it isn’t just the colours, accessories, or vintage design that make it so great. It’s all of them and more, like the amazing ride quality and comfort. Children all over the UK adore the Gingersnap, and it’s easy to see why.

Which Bike is Best for You?

We have a diverse range of six Gingersnap models all with different wheel sizes, meaning there’s a bicycle that’s ideal for children of any age. Take a look at all the models below and find the one that’s a perfect fit. 

For more information on sizing and measurements, take a look at our sizing guide. Remember - if two bike sizes fit, then go for the bigger one. It will fit the child for longer while they grow.

A Red Gingersnap Balance Bike with wicker basket leaned against a brown brick wall

Gingersnap Balance

The Balance is just right as a kid’s first bike. As a Balance Bike, this model has no pedals or chain and is designed to give young children their first taste of bicycles. 

A Balance bike gives children a first introduction to riding a bike, without complicating things by making them learn how to pedal. They’ll love to push themselves around the garden and will begin to grow a love for cycling that will last them a lifetime. Plus, it goes without saying that they’ll adore the adorable, colourful design.

With this size and design, the Balance is a perfect first bike for kids aged 2-4 years old.

Yellow Gingersnap 12 viewed from the side

Gingersnap 12”

When it comes to learning how to cycle with pedals, your first port of call will be the Gingersnap 12” wheel. This wheel and frame size is just right for very young children who are ready to take the step up to riding a real pedal bike.

Don’t worry though, the Gingersnap won’t drop them in the deep end! It comes pre-equipped with stabilisers to help them get used to pedalling and steering. The chain is also protected by a stylised cover to prevent children from putting their hands or fingers where they shouldn’t!

The Gingersnap 12-inch Wheel is also ideal for children aged 2-4 years old who are learning to cycle.

Pale Green Gingersnap 16" on a white background

Gingersnap 16”

The Gingersnap 16” is the next step up, and provides the ideal cycling experience for growing kids in a design that they are sure to love.

This 16-inch wheel bike still comes equipped with stabilisers to give safety and assurance to children learning to ride a bike. But they’re easy to unequip when their owner is ready to start balancing all on their own. For this frame and wheel size, we recommend the Gingersnap 16 for children 4-6 years old.

Gingersnap 20" in Duck Egg Blue viewed from the side.

Gingersnap 20”

The next step up is the awesome Gingersnap 20”, which is catered for children who are starting to really get out and explore the world. 

With a bigger frame that is similar to our adult models, a kickstand, and 7 Shimano Gears which will help riders start to deal with different types of terrain, this Gingersnap model is for kids who love to cycle and need a bike that lets them do it in style! We recommend the Gingersnap 20-inch for ages 5-8.

Gingersnap 24" in Yellow on a white background

Gingersnap 24”

A bigger wheel and larger frame make this the natural next step up for the Bobbin children who are now becoming adolescents. As they get older, children naturally want to explore the world - and the Gingersnap 24-inch gives them the tools to do it! The size of this bike makes it a natural fit for children aged 7-11 years old.

Bobbin Gingersnap 26" in Blueberry

Gingersnap 26”

A large bike that is fit for tall children, teenagers, and petite adults. Equipped with a stylish vintage design and all the wonderful features of the Gingersnap range, this bike could last for years. We recommend the model for ages 11 plus, but there’s no upper limit! Enjoy this Gingersnap 26-inch wheel for as long as it fits.

Give the gift of cycling this Christmas with a spectacular Gingersnap Bike from Bobbin!

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