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The Best Cycling Gifts to Buy a Bike Enthusiast


Knowing an avid cyclist is both convenient and daunting when it comes to buying them a present. 

Convenient, because you know they will be happy with a bike-related gift. But daunting because it can seem like they've got everything they will ever need for their bike.

Gifts are a great occasion to get your friends and family something they would never buy themselves.

And in this case, that something will improve their biking experience. And so it'll be something that they'll really value and be grateful for.

We're here to help you choose the perfect gift for your loved one.

We've selected some of the best things we've treated ourselves or our friends to that have gone down a treat.

So, buckle up. Here's a comprehensive list of what to buy a bike fanatic!

A Smartphone Bike Mount

We thought we'd start with a cheap gift that has the potential to revolutionise every bike ride.

Popping their phone into the mount can be used to follow a pre-planned route. This can help a rider become more adventurous, as if they know where it leads, they're much more likely to try a new path.

This gift has the potential to introduce your cyclist friend to their new favourite route - which is invaluable if you ask us!

A Bike Bag 

There's a wide range of bags and panniers to choose from, but for the sake of simplicity, we're going to recommend 2 in particular.

  • The Daytripper Saddle Bag

    A saddle bag is only mini, so it doesn't take over the whole bike frame. Instead, it fits all the essentials into a compact space that fits around the seat post.

    It's a lightweight option for cyclists whose goals are speed focused.


  • The Button Double Pannier

    The pannier is intended for more leisurely cycling. This one rests over a rear carrier to have two areas of storage space.

    Both pockets are deep and sturdy, leaving plenty of room for work gear, groceries, or picnic essentials.

    Plus, it detaches and can be carried around like an everyday bag - making it a multi-purpose gift.


Both of these bags are made from heavy-duty and showerproof cotton. And, let's face it, a waterproof bag is essential in rainy Britain! 

If buying a whole bag for your loved one is over budget, a great option is to give them a waterproof bag cover.

It will cover their current bag tightly and prevent rain from getting in. It may not be such a stylish choice, but they will still appreciate it as a considerate cycling gift! 


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A Multi-tool

This is something that every cyclist needs but may not have. Or, they might have one, but it is due for an upgrade.

Either way, a quality multi-tool will last years and be a lifesaver if your friend ever breaks down.

We offer multi-tools in rainbow (bright and jolly) and bamboo (eco-friendly and classic) at Bobbin. Tailor to your cyclist's personality for a thoughtful gift.

Cycling Clothes

If your cyclist is a true fanatic, they will never be able to have enough cycle-specific clothes. Most regular clothing isn't suitable for anything more than casual cycling and can cause friction and discomfort if worn for too long.

So, a great present would be a windproof jacket, cycle shorts, or gloves.

Your loved ones would undoubtedly appreciate this. And, you can find them at a wide range of prices depending on your budget.

If you want to find out more about what to wear when cycling, try reading this blog!

A Bike Bell

Although your cyclist friend almost certainly has a bell already, it's not something that many people change.

So it can end up being an ugly bike attachment to an otherwise beautiful bike.

So, buying a new bike bell can be a gift your friend didn't know they needed. And, it will remind them of you each time they ding-dong.

At Bobbin, we design our bike bells to be not only top quality but also look great. They make a charming addition to any bike. And so are great gifts for cyclists who appreciate the small touches.


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A Speedometer or Sports Watch

Sport watches and speedometers have been rising in popularly in the last few years, and for a good reason.

They're a great way to track your progress when cycling. Particularly in terms of timings, distance, and heart rate.

This may be especially good for a friend training for a challenging ride. It highlights your support for their efforts and will give them the motivation to push themselves.

A Quality Helmet

Like a bike bell, a good bike helmet is something your loved one probably won't think about buying themselves.

If they already have a different helmet, it just might not be a priority.

But, a quality helmet can make riding an adult bike significantly more comfortable and safe. Plus, buying a durable helmet doesn't mean sacrificing being stylish on a bike.

In fact, here at Bobbin, we offer helmets in a range of shapes and sizes to fit a variety of heads. These include:


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A Sports Bottle

Cycling is thirsty work. And, what's more motivational than a chic water bottle to keep your loved one hydrated and energised?

Water bottles can often quickly break. It can be because of a leak or the bottle being tainted with a particular drink flavour. This can make you hesitant to step away from only using it for water.

Many people struggle to drink standard water in volume, which could lead to dehydration.

Finding a bottle that won't hold faint squash tastes when you use it for water can be tricky. So, if you do that research for your friend, they're sure to be grateful.

Luckily for you, you can skip this research, we've done it for you! Bobbin stock's a stainless steel water bottle that fit's the bill.

Rather than clinging to the metal, flavours easily wash from the steel bottle. Plus, the lid has a carry handle that you can tie to a bike - making it an ideal gift for your cycling buddies.

A Cycle Care Kit

You know the person you're buying for. Their pride and joy is their bike. So, show them, and it, some love by giving them a care kit.

You can buy these pre-made or put one together yourself. If you choose the DIY method, just gather some cleaners, brushes, sponges, and protective spray together and package it into a nice box.

Remember to include essentials like chocolate, which don't come in the pre-packaged kits, for an extra touch.

It's a really thoughtful cycling gift that your friend won't forget!

Round Up 

Hopefully, we've given you enough gift ideas to last you the next few years of holidays and birthdays.

When someone has a passion for cycling, acknowledging it through a gift is a great way to show that you value their interests too.

Overall, we consider these the most thoughtful and practical gifts for a cyclist:

  • A smartphone bike mount 

  • A bike bag (or bag cover)

  • A multi-tool

  • cycling clothes

  • A bike bell

  • A speedometer or sports watch

  • A quality helmet

  • A sports bottle

  • A cycle care kit

Ready to make your loved one's day? Shop our accessories range to find some of the products we've recommended in this post!

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