How to Make Bike Streamers

How to Make Bike Streamers

A simple bike ride, pedalling as fast as your legs could master, the wind rushing through your hair. And the cherry on top? The streamers, your ever-joyful companions, dancing along with you!

Does that resonate with the carefree spirit of your childhood? It’s of no consequence that you’ve grown up. The magic of infusing your adult bike with these fluttering ribbons endures! They aren’t just for kids, after all.

Use this guide to get started!

1. Gather the materials

Multicolour textile, ribbons

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  • Colourful ribbons
  • Wooden dowels
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Optional embellishments

For an extra pop of creativity, opt for ribbons boasting a variety of textures and hues. Mix satin, grosgrain, and sparkly ribbons for a visually captivating and dynamic result. Don’t shy away from bold colours. They can transform any bicycle, including kids bikes, into a vivid masterpiece!

What’s even better? These materials are incredibly accessible. Hunt around your home for leftover ribbons from past DIYs or repurpose fabric scraps.

2. Measuring and cutting

A hand of a woman cutting a red ribbon with a black scissor

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When measuring your ribbon lengths, a range of 12 to 18 inches per streamer is recommended. Such dimension strikes the perfect balance between playful flutter and manageable length.

To ensure uniformity and precision while cutting, keep safety at the forefront. Hold the ribbon taut, and with a controlled hand, guide your scissors along the edge. This not only maintains clean lines but also minimises the risk of accidents.

Here’s a pro tip to elevate your crafting game: create a simple template using a piece of cardboard or paper. Cut a strip to your desired length. Then use it as a guide to replicate consistent measurements effortlessly. This trick ensures that each streamer is a harmonious match with your vintage bike.

3. Creating streamer bundles

Handlebar Tassels

Start by gathering a delightful assortment of cut ribbons in various colours. To ensure they catch eyes wherever you ride, consider mixing and matching shades.

Next, align the ends of your chosen ribbons, creating a neat and seamless bundle. With the ribbons aligned, gently hold them and securely tie the bundle around a wooden dowel. Ensure the knot is snug to keep the ribbons in place, yet not so tight that it hampers their movement.

For an added touch of dynamic elegance, experiment with different ribbon lengths. Allow some ribbons to be slightly longer than others. This creates a cascading effect that dances in the breeze as you pedal along.

Take a cue from these bike handlebar tassels. These tassels effortlessly infuse colour and playfulness into every ride. Easy to attach and designed for durability, they sway gracefully in the wind. Select from a variety of colours to find the perfect match for your folding bike.

4. Customisation and embellishments

Handlebar Tassels

Let your creativity flourish by embellishing your streamers with charming accents like:

  • delicate beads
  • melodious bike bells
  • glimmering sequins

These playful additions make every ride a true expression of your individual style! But why stop there? Considering coordinating your tassel project with your bicycle’s hue.

When it comes to bike colours, you might not have discovered the shade that truly resonates with you yet. Bobbin has a range from serene greens and blues to spirited pinks and yellows, even daring reds!

5. Attaching the streamers

Handlebar Tassels

To attach your completed streamers to the bike’s handlebars, follow these steps. Hold the bundle of streamers near the wooden dowel, ensuring they drape freely.

For a classic touch, tie a secure knot around the handlebar, letting the streamers cascade. If you prefer a more streamlined look, use adhesive to attach the bundle at the desired spot.


In the world of biking, bike streamers become a joyful symbol of self-expression. Crafting these fluttering ribbons is also a nod to the carefree spirit of your childhood. As the wind weaves its magic through these bike attachments, your city bike takes on a new identity. So, gear up, wear your cycle helmet and pedal forth!

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