How Big Is a 700C Wheel?

How Big Is a 700C Wheel?

Have you been shopping for a bike and come across the “700C wheel” option? Wondering what exactly this feature is and how it impacts the size of the bike? Read on for some answers, including the bike models with types that fit this dimension.

700C Wheel Size Explained

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A 700C wheel has a diameter of approximately 622mm or 29 inches bike. The width is measured from one side of the tyre to the other, usually in millimetres

Now, you might be thinking what the “C” stands for — it does have a specific meaning. It’s derived from the French term “crochet,” which means “hook”. The C also shows that the wheel is meant for clincher tyres used on road bikes. 

The impact of this dimension on bikes

The 700C wheel size impacts bikes in a few ways. It’s commonly used for road bikes because it helps them go faster on smooth surfaces. The size also affects the bike’s handling and the rider’s comfort. The type of tyres that fit this size can also influence traction, speed, and how well the bike performs.

Age Suitability

700C wheel bikes are typically designed for adults or older teenagers. The larger wheel size provides better efficiency and speed on paved surfaces. This, overall, aligns with the needs and preferences of adult riders.

What Type of Bikes Use 700C Wheels?

Touring, endurance, and gravel bikes often use 700C wheels with tyre widths of 32mm to 45mm or even wider. All thanks to their versatility, performance, and compatibility with various tyre profiles.

Let’s explore the applications of 700C wheels in some popular bike categories below:

Road bikes

700C wheels are usually found on road bikes. For one, their ability to enhance speed and efficiency on paved surfaces. They allow road cyclists to achieve high speeds while minimising rolling resistance. The slim tyres also enhance aerodynamics by having less surface area.

Touring bikes

700C wheels are a popular choice for long-distance touring or bikepacking. Their compatibility with wider tyres allows for increased comfort and stability. The larger diameter helps smooth out bumps and absorb road vibrations. This provides a more comfortable ride during extended journeys.

Hybrid bikes

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Hybrid bikes, designed for a mix of road and off-road riding, often feature 700C wheels. They are well-suited for urban commuting, recreational rides, and light trail adventures. The compatibility with narrow and wider tyre widths also adapts to different surfaces. This versatility caters to riders seeking a flexible and multi-purpose cycling experience.

Interested? Here Are the Factors You Should Consider

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1. Rider’s weight

Heavier riders may benefit from stronger and sturdier wheelsets. Such features allow for the proper handling of higher loads without compromising performance.

2. Intended terrain

For predominantly paved roads and racing, opt for narrower tyres and lighter wheelsets. For mixed surfaces or off-road use, choose wider designs and stronger rims.

3. Riding style

Do you prioritise speed and efficiency or value comfort and stability? Narrower tyres provide better aerodynamics and speed. Meanwhile, wider versions offer enhanced traction and shock absorption.

4. Tyre preferences

Consider the desired tyre width and type (clincher, tubular, tubeless). Clincher types have a separate inner tube and hook onto the rim. Tubular designs have the tube sewn inside and are glued to special rims. Tubeless variants don’t need inner tubes; a liquid sealant prevents air leaks.

Ensure compatibility with the chosen wheelset. Check the availability of tyres for your preferred terrain and riding style.


A700C wheel provides advantages in terms of speed, efficiency, and handling. But be sure to consider the outlined factors to see if this specific size suits you well. And if you’re ready to shop, browse our range of adult bikes for more options!

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