15 Family Cycle Trails In Dorset

15 Family Cycle Trails In Dorset

Dorset is full of beautiful countryside scenery, wonderful tracks and enchanting forests, there are some great places to cycle with your family!

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Trails and parks

Moors valley country park - Grab your bike and explore the outdoors! Make sure your child bike seats are set at the right hight so they too can enjoy a comfortable ride!

Watchmoor bike park loop
- This beautiful mountain bike trail is perfect for families to explore. Electric bikes and mountain bikes are a great option here to help with any steep hills.

Disused Railway Route (starting from Christchurch)
- This is perfect for some history. It's a 50 mile long journey that'll take you around 5 hours to complete.

The Rodwell Trail
- Ideal if you’re looking for a short route! A range of bikes and bike sizes are great for this route, like mountain bikes, hybrid bicycles and road bikes.

North Dorset Trailway
- Great for a summer stroll or autumn bike ride. This path is  ideal if your child is using a balance bike with basket or kids bike.

Forest Luge Loop from Christchurch
- This loop would take you through 51 miles of scenic views and breathtaking scenery. It'll take you around 5 hours to complete and be prepared for some bumpy paths. Gravel bikes and road bikes are ideal for this route. 

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Countryside tracks

Horton's Tower Loop - Great for a beginner cyclist no matter when you've started cycling. This route is great for both  a kid's bike and an adult bike alike.

Lodmoor Country park and Nature Reserve
- A beautiful nature reserve, you'll be able to experience all the countryside has to offer here.

Upton Country Park Loop from Wimborne Minster 
- This journey will see you travel out of Wimborne Minster and towards the seafront. It's an 18 mile long route so it'll take you around 2 hours to complete.

vista Loop from Moreton - This is a more difficult loop so it's best you have some experience riding. It's 56 miles long and would take you around 6 hours to complete. You'll travel along various hills, some fantastic fields and past the coast.

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Sandbanks chainlink ferry loop - Great if you’re wanting a seaside view with the kids this summer. 

Olympic Rings Route
- Full of history and facts, perfect if you're wanting to explore more of the country and teach your kids all about the world around them.

West Bay
- Great for a seaside visit and bike ride in the summer months or, you can enjoy the crisp air in the autumn months too!

Bournemouth pier Loop from Christchurch
- If you're looking for an easy ride to start with then this is ideal. It'll take you around 2 hours to complete this 19 mile long loop and along the way, you'll see gorgeous waterside views. 

River Avon Loop from Hinton Admiral
- This loop would take you through 22 miles of fantastic views and wonderful scenery. It's mostly paved so you're in for a comfortable ride. It'll take around 2 hours to complete so make sure you have your water bottle to hand!

The countryside views in Norfolk are an idyllic way to experience biking this spring and summer. These ten trails are perfect for those with and without children joining them! Why not take a trip down to somewhere new whilst you're on a fantastic trip. You could try Cornwall or the Lake District.

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