15 Family Cycle Routes In The Isle Of Wight

15 Family Cycle Routes In The Isle Of Wight

The Isle Of Wight is a beautiful place to visit, grab your bike and head off on some beautiful trips!

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Red squirrel trail - This 32-mile route is almost completely traffic-free, making it perfect for families to enjoy! It's a well-known trail and loved by tourists and locals. This is ideal for any age range.

Chalk Ridge Extreme - This cycling route is great for families, holding different kinds of terrains like mountains and flat roads, this is a great option.

Medina Greenway Breeze - This waterside trail is perfect for families wanting a summer by the water! This is a gentle path and along the way, you'll pass various coffee shops and cafes, perfect for a family pit stop.

Pedallers Coffee and Cake Pedal - This is a 1-hour trail that starts from pedallers cafe. It's a flat route, making it ideal for young children.

St. Catherine’s Lighthouse - Starting from this lighthouse, this route is great for sightseeing and exploring if this is your desired holiday destination. 

Orchard bay - This coastal bay is a great place to cycle, it’s a short path making it perfect for young families and kids of any age range. It’s also right next to St. Catherine’s lighthouse which is a wonderful spot to look at!

Tennyson Trail - This trail is looked after by the National Trust and is located on The Needles Headland & Tennyson Down. This path is around 14 miles long and it was built on the remains of a Roman Fort. All of this history can only make cycling enjoyable; even more than it already is!

Bembridge Trail - This route is 12 miles long and provides stunning views across a 3-hour long journey. This is a moderate climb and is also dog-friendly. A mountain bike, if you have one, would be the perfect bike for this route.


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Quarr Abbey loop - This loop would take around 2 to 3 hours to complete, it’s great for more experienced cyclists and a great way of experiencing the isle of wight as a family

Havenstreet Steam Cycle - This route would take you past the beautiful Havenstreet steam railway, full of so much history and facts, this is great if you’re wanting to learn about the place you’re visiting.

Cowes - Newtown Circular - This loop is better for more experienced cyclists, making it perfect for families with older children.

West Slow Lanes - These lanes are great for cycling, you’ll start from Brighstone Village, you’ll cycle through the various lanes and land back in Brightstone Village.

Cowes to Bembridge - This loop is between 64 - 86Km long, you'll be able to ride along the bay and see incredible views of the water on a beautiful trip with your family. 

Bonchurch to Freshwater - If you're looking for a route full of history, this is ideal. Along the way, you'll see beautiful victoria villas and gorgeous markets.

Yarmouth to East Cowes - This 38-64 km seafront route is perfect for a summer's day. You'll pass across the National Trust owned Newtown Hall and you'll also be able to catch the floating bridge” chain ferry across the River Medina to East Cowes.


These are some great cycling routes, enjoy and experience all there is to see, don't forget to grab your bike helmets before you leave. Why not take a trip to another gorgeous part of the country like the Lake District!

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