15 Child-Friendly Cycle Routes In The Lake District

15 Child-Friendly Cycle Routes In The Lake District

The lake district is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, why not take your family and experience it by bike!


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Gravel Trail

Ennerdale Valley Cycle Routes - Cycle through this beautiful area of the lake district and take in the views. This is a fantastic way to experience the area by bike.

The Eskdale Trail
 - This trail provides scenic views and idyllic days out, perfect for anyone wanting a longer trip.

The Grasmere Trail
- Perfect for spring, summer and autumn, this trail is idyllic. You'll have days full of adventure with this beautiful spot.

The Torver Trail -
Enjoy the picturesque views of the lake from here and experience the wonders of nature with your family.

Little Mell Fell Cycle Loop
- This loop is perfect for a family day out amongst nature and the countryside!

Campsite to lakeside Loop from Far Sawrey
- This loop is 28 miles long and would take you just over 2 hours to complete. This spot is incredible, you'll be shocked at how incredible the views are!

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Great Mell Fell - You’ll be able to see from miles with this beautiful route! Try out a mountain bike here to help with any uneven surfaces.

Windermere Western Shore
- You’ll be able to see the water for miles from here. Don't forget to grab your bike helmet before you set off!

Waterhead to Langdale
- This route is great if you’re looking for scenic views. Road bikes are the best option here for the paved roads.

Grizedale Forest
- This route is like something out of a film and is great for a short trip! You'll have the most incredible bike rides with this route.

Langdale Cycle Trail
- Grab your bike and head off on this great and lengthy trail. The perfect bike for road riding is - you guessed it - a road bike!

Rydal Water Loop from Grasmere
  - This loop is 37 miles long. It'll take you around 3 hours to finish and you'll see breathtaking views and stunning scenery along the way.

Wrynose Loop from Waterhead
- This loop is 45 miles long and would take you just over 4 hours to complete. It's easy to ride and on tarmac so a lightweight bike is great here.

Penrith North West Loop from Applethwaite
- If you're looking for a small challenge then this route is ideal. It's just over 3 hours long and it's 42 miles of tarmac surfaces.

Coniston Loop from Far Sawrey 
- This loop is a difficult one. It's 46 miles long and would take you around 4 hours to complete, but you're in for a treat with some fantastic views.



Now you’ve got 10 amazing routes, you’re bound to have a great day out! Once you've experienced all the countryside has to offer, why not stop off in a town like Liverpool and experience the urban part of the UK.

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