What Are The Best Bikes For 9 Year Olds?

What Are The Best Bikes For 9 Year Olds?

Are you on the lookout for the perfect kids bike for your 9-year-old? Choosing the right bike for your child can be exciting yet daunting. After all, you want a bike that not only offers a fun riding experience but also ensures safety and comfort. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you find the best bikes for 9-year-olds.

Keep reading to uncover the perfect match for your little one’s biking journey!

Understanding the Needs of 9-Year-Olds

Hornet 20" Wheel Kids' Hybrid Bike

At this age, children experience significant growth and development, both physically and mentally. This directly impacts their ability to ride and enjoy a bike to its fullest potential.

Physically, most 9-year-olds have gained better coordination, balance, and control over their bodies. Their motor skills are more refined, allowing them to manoeuvre a bike confidently.

When it comes to bike size, finding the appropriate fit is essential. A bike that is too large or too small can hinder its ability to ride safely and confidently. The weight of the bike should also be manageable for a 9-year-old to control effectively.

Features and durability are among the important factors to consider.  The right features can enhance their enjoyment and help develop their skills. For instance, bikes with gears allow them to tackle different terrains efficiently. Also, invest in a bike with sturdy frames, reliable components, and robust construction.

Finding the Right Bike

When choosing a bike for 9-year-olds, here are the key considerations to keep in mind:

1. Size and fit

It’s crucial to select a bike that is appropriately sized for your child. Look for bikes with a frame size and wheel diameter that match their height and leg length. A properly sized bike allows for comfortable riding, easy control, and proper posture.

2. Weight

Consider the weight of the bike, as lighter bikes are easier for children to handle and manoeuvre. A lighter bike will also make it less tiring for them to pedal and control.

3. Brakes

Opt for a bike with reliable and responsive brakes. Two common types are coaster brakes (pedal brakes) and hand brakes. Coaster brakes are simpler for young riders to operate. Hand brakes offer more precise control and can help develop hand-eye coordination.

4. Gears

Gears allow kids to adjust the bike’s resistance and make riding uphill or on varied terrains easier. For beginners, single-speed bikes are often suitable. For older or more experienced riders, they may benefit from multiple gears. Consider your child’s skill level and the terrain they’ll be riding on when deciding on gears.

5. Suspension

Suspension systems can absorb shocks and provide a smoother ride. But the case is different for general neighbourhoods or pavement riding. For one, bikes without suspension can be more efficient and easier to maintain.

6. Type of riding

Determine the primary type of riding your child will be doing. If they’ll mostly ride on smooth roads or paved paths, a road or hybrid bike will be suitable. For off-road adventures, consider a mountain bike with knobby tires and durable construction.

Note: These factors are guidelines. The ultimate decision should be based on your child’s comfort, skill level, and specific needs.

Top Bikes for 9-Year-Olds

Below is a curated list of the best bikes for ages 9-8 from Bobbin:

Gingersnap 20" Wheel

Gingersnap 20" Wheel

Introducing the perfect vintage-inspired bike designed exclusively for 9-year-olds! Combining timeless charm with modern functionality, the Gingersnap is a timeless beauty. Available in three vibrant colours: blossom pink, duck egg blue, and yellow.

One standout feature of the Gingersnap is its handmade wicker basket. This charming addition provides a practical storage solution for your child’s essentials.

This bike also boasts fresh and stylish solid cream tires, adding to its vintage appeal. The easy-reach brake levers with classic brown soft-touch grips are a big plus!

Among other incredible features (check them out!) is the 7 Shimano gears designed to tackle various terrains effortlessly. Convenience is key, and the Gingersnap features a handy kickstand. This practical addition allows the bike to stand upright when not in use.

What’s not to love about this bike model?

Hornet 20" Wheel Kids’ Hybrid Bike

Hornet 20" Wheel Kids’ Hybrid Bike

The ultimate retro ride designed for 9-year-old explorers who are ready to take on the world! The Hornet seamlessly blends retro looks with modern thinking on kid’s bike geometry. Your 9-year-old will surely turn heads as they cruise in style on this eye-catching ride.

Crafted with a super lightweight alloy frame, this bike is stylish and break-resistant. The frame strikes the perfect balance between strength and agility. This allows your child to navigate various terrains with ease and confidence.

Safety is paramount, and the Hornet features powerful Promax Alloy V-brakes. Also equipped with 7-speed gearing designed to conquer hills and flat surfaces alike. Such features provide versatility and responsive braking performance.

The micro-adjust seat post is another standout feature. It allows for minimal shifting during rides, ensuring an optimal riding position. Say goodbye to constant adjustments and hello to smooth and enjoyable rides.

Consider investing in this model and watch your child as they embrace the spirit of adventure!

Brownie Junior 20” Wheel

Brownie Junior 20 Wheel

A limited-edition collaboration between Bobbin and family store Smallable! This Dutch bike is the epitome of style and functionality, and the 20” wheel size is an ideal match for this age group.

It features a gloss paint finish, available in two pastel colours: olive and caramel. The colour-matched mudguards and chaincase provide practical protection, to add.

Its lightweight premium alloy frame ensures a smooth and agile ride. With alloy Calliper U-Brakes, this bike ensures reliable and responsive stopping power. Equipped with 7 Shimano gears, young riders can conquer any hill with ease.

The vintage-inspired design will undoubtedly ignite your child’s passion for cycling!

Wheel Size Guide

So, what size bike for a 9 year old to get?

24” wheel bikes

As your child grows and gains more confidence in their riding abilities, go for a 24” wheel bike. The ideal bike for 9 year old boy or girl, offering enhanced stability and control.

26” wheel bikes

A 26" wheel bike is perfect for 9-year-olds who are ready to take on more challenging terrains or longer rides. These bikes offer increased speed and efficiency.

Choosing the right colour

When selecting a bike, colour plays an essential role in sparking their excitement and style. Finding a colour, such as:

... that resonates with their taste can make all the difference in their bike rides. This applies to any age, including bikes for kids aged 7-11.


These top picks provide exceptional options tailored to the unique needs of 9-year-olds. And finding the perfect bike for your 9-year-old is a rewarding journey, and we hope this guide will help you do so! Make sure to consider the factors, so you can ensure a bike that aligns with the child's needs. Happy cycling!

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