24 Inch Kids Bicycles


Here at Bobbin, making childrens bikes for all ages and sizes is what we do best - and 24 Inch Wheel Bikes are an important part of that mission. These bikes for 7 to 11 year olds offer a great starter bike.

Not the right size? We also offer 12 inch wheel kids bikes, 16 inch wheel kids bikes, 20 inch wheel kids bikes and 26 inch wheel kids bikes. 

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Kids 24 Inch Bikes

At Bobbin, we design and handcraft all our bikes ourselves to ensure you get a bicycle that stands the test of time and gives you the best possible ride.

Getting a bike that suits you is about more than just getting the size right. It also means getting a bike that's fit to let you do what you want to do on it, whether that's commuting, taking a leisurely ride around town, or breezing through countryside trails. With our selection of 24 Wheel bikes, including city bikes and kids' hybrid bikes, you can do all that and more.

Plus, if you need help deciding which size is the best fit for you, check out our guide on what bike size does my child need.

Our wide range of quality kids bikes features our fantastic Gingersnap 24 inch kids bike as one of our largest models - perfect for kids age 7-11.

Sturdy Frame and Brakes

This vintage kids bike has a gorgeous silhouette along with loads of practical features like easy-reach brake levers, front and rear brakes, and an adjustable saddle height to perfectly match rider height. It's these quality components mixed with a natural flair for design that sets a Bobbin bike apart.

The Right Size Bike

As you get up to full-sized bikes for your children, make sure to use our handy kid's size guide to pick the correct size bike. Junior bikes, like our 24-inch-wheel bikes, are designed for ages 7-11, but a look at our size chart might allow you to pick a larger bike by bike wheel size for your child if they're a fast grower!

Shimano Gears

With Shimano Tourney 7 speed gears and a Shimano Rapid Fire gear shifter, this is the perfect bike for your little one to get the most pedal efficiency. With effortless gear changes, they can ride on a variety of terrain with ease.

24 Inch Wheels

The 24" refers to the wheel size of our gingersnap bikes. Smaller than adult bikes and bigger than a balance bike, the 24 inch size wheels allow your child to grow with the Gingersnap 24 inch bike for years.

Bobbin Quality at Unbeatable Prices

Get a Bobbin Gingersnap bike at a price that you like! This kids vintage bike isn't likely to go out of either style or manufacturing anytime soon - it's just too popular.

So for boys and girls vintage bikes that have a standover height suitable for ages 7-11, look no further. As kids bike brands go, Bobbin is at the top of the hill with quality you can trust and children's bikes that are a burst of refreshment.