12 Inch Kids' Bikes


Discover a vibrant selection of bikes for 2 to 4 year olds. These compact and safe bikes are perfect for developing balance and coordination skills. From toddler balance bikes to bikes with stabilisers, find the perfect childrens bike here. 

Not the right size? We also offer  16 inch wheel kids bikes, 20 inch wheel kids bikes, 24 inch wheel kids bikes and 26 inch wheel kids bikes. 


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12 Inch Bikes

At Bobbin, our range of bikes for kids aged 2-4 includes balance bikes with baskets, pedal bikes, trikes, and bikes with stabilisers!

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With a choice between balance bikes, pedal bikes, and a bike with training wheels - the task might seem a bit daunting. That's why we've split our kid's bikes into age ranges.

If they aren't quite ready to cycle on their own without putting their feet down, a 12 inch balance bike will do the trick, and you'll find loads of options right here.

Bike Size

But you'll also find 12 inch bikes for boys and girls - so whatever their skill level is, don't worry! Simply use our handy sizing guide to find the perfect bike.

Our range caters to even the littlest riders, but we also have options with larger wheels and a larger frame for when they get older. This means that Bobbin bikes can be with you every step of the way!

12 Inch Wheel Size

A 12" wheel bike allows children in this age range to cycle in a comfortable upright riding position. Models like our classic Gingersnap 12" and our Moonbug 12 inch wheel kids bikes feature loads of different options for colours and distinct designs.

Frame and Design

With front and rear brakes, you can be safe and sound that even first-time riders have the equipment necessary to stop collisions! These dual hand brakes ensure even braking to come to a safe stop and are one of the first steps in learning how to bike as an adult.

With high-quality components and a frame design in a fun colour of their choosing, this will be a riding experience they won't forget.

And if your little one is even more adventurous, why not check out our Skylark 12" bike? Perfect for kids who are a bit more sporty or who want to start going down the skatepark!

The Perfect Size Bike For Young Riders

Here at Bobbin, we believe in making quality bikes at affordable prices. But we're also well aware that our junior bikes need to wow the people who're riding them. That's why classic looks and colourful designs are also part and parcel of our 12" bikes.