Fun Ways To Use a Folding Bike

Fun Ways To Use a Folding Bike

A folding bike is just one of the vast different adult bike styles available, but with so many differences to other bike styles, this might just be the perfect bike for you. This bike style is perfect for those in small homes, with little storage or for anyone who commutes regularly

In the post below, you’re going to find out everything you could need to know about a folding bike and some fun ways to use them!

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What Is a Folding Bike?

It’s always important to know as much as you can about a product before you dive in to buy one. Folding bikes have endless possibilities and they’re handy to have around. 

A folding bike is -just as the name suggests - a bike that folds. Pretty simple! They’re compact and fold down to generally about half the size, making them easy to carry around and store in small places. 

This style of bike is most commonly used amongst commuters in cities such as London. They’re ideal for commuting on public transport such as busses and tubes, especially when they’re packed to the brim.

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Fun Ways To Use a Folding Bike

Even though getting yourself a new bike is exciting in itself, there are of course some even more exciting things you could do with your bike once you have it. The fun doesn’t just stop at the delivery! 

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Ideal For Commuting

Folding bikes - as we’ve clearly discovered - fold down and save on space. This important feature makes them ideal for travelling and commuting, especially in larger cities. 

The key folding features make them easy to carry if you’re on a bus or train (especially a crowded one) as well as also making them easy to store once you get to your place of work or when you get home. Their safe saving ability even means you could store it safely in your office or under your desk with little notice. 

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A Great Gift

A folding bike takes up less space generally, but also with its packaging. This means they’re a great item if you’re looking to give them as a gift. If you’re getting it delivered straight to their house, they won’t find it takes up too much room. On the other hand, it’s also easy to wrap up, saving you much-needed wrapping paper.

Plus, who doesn’t love to see they’ve got a brand new bike for a special occasion? It’s the perfect bike for anyone who's low on space or always busy!

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Go On an Adventure

With your brand new folding bike, adventure awaits. You’ve now just got to think about where you want to go and what you want your first adventure to be. A great way of making good use of your new bike is to take a trip with a friend, but with a twist. 

You and your friend could each take a different style of bike and see who makes it to your desired destination first. This is a great way to see that a folding bike is easier to take on transport, it’s also a good way to make your commutes to work fun in the morning! 

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Display It

If you’re an avid cyclist or just a bike lover then what better way to display that enthusiasm than with a space dedicated just to bikes. Folding bikes are ideal for being hung on walls or placed on a shelf because of their little need for storage space. 

If this is something you’d like to start off, a folding bike would be ideal. This would also be perfect if you’re looking for a bike you’d be able to use regularly if you live in a flat or small house. They take up almost no room, perfect for a display and to use!  

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Getting yourself a handy folding bike gives you the opportunity to grab in more exercise time. You could take this to work with you and then take the long route home or maybe even meet up with some friends on the way back. 

Since this is easily stored, nobody will notice it's there, plus you'll hardly notice it's even there!


Space Saving

As we've mentioned a few times, this type of bike is ideal if you're looking to save on some much-needed space. A folding bike takes up minimal space compared to a standard bike or an electric bike. You can fold this bike to half the size and put it into a storage cupboard in your hall or prop it up in a corner out of the way. 


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One Size

Although this is more of an advantage, what's easier than not having to guess which size bike you might need?! 

Folding bikes normally come in one size, you're able to easily adjust the seat height, the handlebar height and then ride off comfortable. A standard bike, mountain bike, hybrid bike and plenty more, all come in various sizes compared to a compact folding bike. 

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Explore Nature

Taking a regular bike or full-sized bike with you on a journey can sometimes be a pain, especially when that journey is into a nature park or forest without much space to place bikes.

This type of bike is great if you're looking to go camping, you could fold up your bike and place it inside your tent to prevent any water damage or damage from animals overnight. A compact bike in a compact size is perfect for all of those summer family trips!

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Ride it to the pub (then walk it home!)

If you're visiting the pub what better way to get there and home than by taking your bike? Since you should never drink and drive, walking your bike home is far easier and more convenient than it is to leave your car there overnight, or to find someone to pick you up. Plus it saves you money on a cab! 

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Take it on holiday

Since your bike is easily folded and compact, you could easily take this on holiday with you! That'll help you keep your exercise up, get you exploring the local area and you can fold it down and keep it safely in your hotel room with you! 

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Store it under the bed

For anyone short on space, the folding bike is ideal but there's the underlying question still of where to put it even once it's folded. A great space to place your folded bike is under your bed. This way it'll be out of sight as well as out of the way when you don't need or want to use it. 

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Start a conversation (get someone else hooked on folding bikes)

A conversation prompt is always handy to have nicely tucked away for a rainy day when you're unsure of what to talk about. You could always start up a conversation about your new folding bike, talk about how you find it different to a conventional bike, or how the bike has smaller or larger wheels, maybe mention the seat post or the folding lock. 

There's never any harm in sticking up a new conversation compared to the ones you've had before.

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Use it as a seat on the train 

Folding bikes are ideal for commuters, often travelling at rush hour means you're going to find limited space on a train. You could always unfold your bike (or if it's possible, keep it folded) and use your bike as a seat on a busy and crowded train. 

Perfect after a long day at work!


Our Folding Bikes

With plenty of useful information on folding bikes, you’re now ready to get yourself one. Take a look below at our folding bike and find out more about where you can purchase this, plus all of the exciting features it comes with.

“Fold” Folding Bike 

Our folding bike comes in six popping and modern colours, great if you want to add a bit of fun to your journey. This bike comes with the added bonus of a bell, kickstand and mudguards, all making your journey even easier. 

Our folding bike is designed to be perfect for those low on space when storing the bike or commuting to and from your destination. This bike comes in one size but many of the features such as the saddle height are adjustable. You can purchase this bike for the starting price of £589 (delivery charges may occur).

That’s everything! All the info you need to know about folding bikes has been successfully passed over, now all you have to do is grab yourself a foldable bike and head off for a new adventure! Don't forget to have a look at our wide range of models for bikes and accessories, no matter if you're looking for a regular bicycle like a road bike or a larger sized bicycle perfect for plenty of storage, you're bound to find your ideal bike.

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