Best Bike for 3-Year Olds

Best Bike for 3-Year Olds

Getting your child their first toddler bike is exciting. Choosing a colour, kids bike accessories and a toddler bike helmet might be a daunting task, but we’re here to help. You're going to find some great bikes for kids here, all have an adjustable seat, helping to keep your kids in an upright position at the right seat height as they cycle. 

Our toddler balance bikes we have are great when helping your child to transition from a balance bike. There's plenty of space for growth too since they're made for specific leg measurements. Below, we have the best bikes for 3-year-olds. Keep reading to find the perfect bike for your child!

Plus, we have some added extras you’ll love!


(Gingersnap 12")

Best Bikes

We’re going to start with the exciting part, choosing your favourite bike! We have a wide range of kids’ bikes, click here for the best bikes for 3 year olds.

We offer a wide range of lightweight bikes, from pedal toddler bikes to 12 inch balance bikes. Since each bike is designed for kids, it's made not to be a heavy bike for your child. They differ in wheel size and height and they're all based on road bikes. We have a size guide chart available for each bike we have! Why not treat yourself to a matching adult bike too whilst you're here?!

You're going to find each bike has a comfortable saddle height for a comfortable riding position. They have road tires on each bike so your child can ride until their heart is content. Ready to buy? Discover our range of balance bikes for 3 year olds


(Gingersnap Balance)

Gingersnap Balance

The Gingersnap Balance bike is a traditional-looking bike with the twist of some fun and modern colours. Available in 5 popping colours, you’re going to find the perfect style for both you and your child! This lightweight balance bike comes in several colours. Explore our pink balance bikes, red balance bikes or yellow balance bikes here. 

This bike is super popular amongst both parents and kids, plus since it’s a balance bike, it’s ideal for getting your kids used to their bike before heading onto stabilisers.


(Moonbug Balance)

Moonbug Balance

Sticking with a balance bike, we now have the Moonbug Balance bike. This bike comes in 3 fun and rich colours, these being red, green and blue. These colours are nicely complimented by the cream wheels and the brown handlebars and saddle.

Again, this bike is made for younger children who’ve not yet started riding a bike, they’ll be able to get used to their bike before moving onto stabilisers.


(Moonbug 12")

Moonbug 12” Wheel

The Moonbug 12” bike is made for kids who’ve started riding their bikes already. Coming in 3 rich colours with stabilisers, you’re going to fall in love with this bike. The gloss paint finish perfectly compliments the cream and brown accent colours.

Grab this bike with a bell, basket and more fun accessories to ensure your child gets the full riding experience.


(Gingersnap 12")

Gingersnap 12” Wheel

The Gingersnap 12” bike comes in 5 beautiful pastel colours with stabilisers attached. The gloss paint finish is perfectly complimented by the brown and cream accented additions, making this bike traditional-looking.

This bike is made for children who’ve started riding a bike already, the stabilisers are detachable making it perfect as a transitional bike.

Those are our bikes for 3 year olds! They all come at an affordable price, meaning you can save those extra pounds for a fantastic accessory alongside. Our kids bikes are made from a steel frame, this goes for each size bike we have. 


(Gingersnap 12")

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Best Accessories

You can’t buy a new bike without choosing some kids bike accessories to pair it with. Make your way through the vast amount of accessories we have to offer, including helmets, tassels, bells and more!

You've got the option of training wheels on all of these bikes, balance bikes of course won't come with stabilisers since they're designed to keep kids' feet flat on the ground.

Below, we’ve chosen some accessories you’ll need when buying your child their first bike!

(Skylark Helmet) 


No matter if your child loves bright colours, modern colours, stars or just a traditional bike helmet, we have you covered. We have a wide range of kids’ bike helmets, from silver helmets to bright red, there’s definitely one to fit your child’s taste.


(Gingersnap Balance)

Bike Light

You don’t just need a bike light for nighttime, you also need a bike light for foggy and gloomy weather. This helps increase visibility and ensures your child's safety. We have a range of kids' bike lights, available in 3 beautiful colours to match your child's bike!


(Gingersnap 12")

Ready to buy? Discover our range of balance bikes for 3 year olds

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