What Bikes Can Teenagers Ride?

What Bikes Can Teenagers Ride?

Bobbin bikes can be powerful tools for teenagers. These two wheels provide freedom, independence and a healthy dose of adventure. However, choosing the right bicycle is a crucial decision. It’s not just about style or trends; it’s about safety, suitability, and size.

In this guide, we’ll explore the world of bikes for teens. Join us as we discuss the factors to consider, the types available, and how to ensure a perfect fit.

Factors to Consider

Hornet 20” Wheel Kids’ Hybrid Bike 

Several crucial factors should be at the forefront of your decision-making process:

1. Age and size of the teenager

One size does not fit all. Consider the physical dimensions and age of the teenager. Bikes come in various frame sizes, e.g., bike size for 11 year old and wheel diameters. And each ensures a comfortable and safe fit for different age groups. For reference, use our guide to “What Size Bike Do Teenagers Need?

2. Riding experience and skill level

Take into account the teenager’s level of riding experience and skill. Novice riders might benefit from stable and easy-to-handle bikes. Meanwhile, experienced cyclists may crave more advanced features and styles.

3. Purpose of the bike

Understand the primary purpose of the bike. Is it for daily commuting or recreational weekend rides? Perhaps for sports like mountain biking or BMX? Remember, different bike types are tailored to specific activities.

Emphasising safety and helmet use

 Hornet 20” Wheel Kids’ Hybrid Bike

Above all, safety should be paramount. Stress the importance of wearing a properly fitted Bobbin helmet on every ride. Helmets significantly reduce the risk of head injuries in accidents. This makes making them non-negotiable gear for any teenage rider - to cyclists, in general.

Prioritise safety by investing in a quality helmet that meets safety standards. These starling models are worth checking out! Additionally, educate teenagers about road safety rules and responsible riding habits. Doing so can help ensure a safe and enjoyable biking experience. Show this guide to “The Cycling Rules Children Need to Learn” - it might help!

Types of Bikes for Teenagers

There’s a wide range of options to cater to their diverse interests and needs:

Mountain bikes

Bikes for kids and teenagers are renowned for their versatility and durability. Mountain bikes feature sturdy frames, wide, knobby tires, and robust suspension systems. This, overall, makes them ideal for off-road adventures. Teenagers who love exploring trails and terrain will appreciate their ruggedness and stability.

Road bikes

For speed and efficiency on paved roads, road bikes are the go-to choice. They boast lightweight frames, narrow tires, and aerodynamic designs. Riding one allows teenagers to cover long distances with ease. Road bikes are perfect for those who enjoy cycling for fitness, group rides, or even racing!

Kids hybrid bikes

Hornet 20” Wheel Kids’ Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bicycles offer a balance between comfort and performance. They are versatile options suitable for commuting and leisure rides. These bikes feature a comfortable upright riding position and wider tires for stability. What’s more, accessories like racks and fenders can be attached. This makes them great for teenagers looking for an all-purpose bike.

BMX bikes

BMX bikes are synonymous with tricks and stunts. They are known for their compact frames, smaller wheels, and single-speed drivetrains. Perfect for exploring freestyle riding, jumps, and skate park adventures.

Recommendations for Specific Age Groups and Activities

Ages 13-16

Consider junior-sized mountain bikes or hybrid bikes with smaller frames. These bikes provide an excellent introduction to cycling. Moreover, their versatility makes them suitable for both commuting and light trail riding.

Ages 16-18

Gingersnap 26” Wheel

Older teenagers with more experience can explore full-sized mountain or road bikes. Mountain bikes with 26 inch bike age or 27.5-inch wheels offer good control. Meanwhile, road bikes with 700c inches wheels provide efficient road cycling experiences.

Recreational riders

Hornet 20” Wheel Kids’ Hybrid Bike

Teenagers interested in leisurely rides can opt for a hybrid such as this Hornet bike. They strike a balance between comfort and performance. These are perfect for casual rides around the neighbourhood or along scenic paths.

Aspiring BMX riders

For those keen on BMX, look for a dedicated BMX bike with a tough frame and responsive components. Ensure it’s the right size for the teenager’s height for better control during tricks and stunts.

Sizing and Fit

Choosing the correct bike size and fit for a teenager is crucial for comfort and safety. Begin with these steps:

  • Measure height: Measure the teenager's height accurately. Consult the manufacturer’s size chart for the specific bike model.
  • Check standover height: There should be a clearance between the top tube and the teen’s inseam. A few inches of space is ideal for safety.
  • Saddle height: Adjust the bike saddle position to a height where the teenager’s feet can touch the ground. Ensure there’s a slight bend in the knees when seated.
  • Handlebar reach: Ensure the handlebars are within comfortable reach without overstretching.
  • Test ride: Have the teenager test-ride the bike to assess comfort and control.

Importance of frame size and saddle height

An appropriately sized frame ensures stability and control. Whereas the correct saddle height prevents discomfort and overextension.

Tips for adjusting as the teenager grows

As teenagers grow, periodically check and adjust the saddle height and handlebars. This technique will help accommodate their increasing height. Consider upgrading to a larger bike when the teenager outgrows the current one. Refer to our “What to Do When Your Child Outgrows Their Bike” guide for more!


In the world of teenage cycling, choosing the right bike isn’t just a matter of preference. It’s about safety, comfort, and setting the stage for a lifelong love of riding. By considering factors like age, skill level, and safety, you can make an informed decision. Overall, the right bike can be a teenager’s gateway to endless two-wheeled excitement!

Explore Bobbin’s extensive bicycle collection. It caters to all ages, from kids (including 16-inch kids bike) to adult bikes.

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