Ultimate Bobbin Helmet Gift Guide

Ultimate Bobbin Helmet Gift Guide

We’re creeping ever closer to Christmas and if you’re struggling with gift ideas, we have you covered. In the post below, we have a wide range of helmets for you to choose from. From kid's helmets to adult helmets, we have everything you could want or need.

All of our helmets are the lightest helmets you could want, making them comfortable as you ride. Nobody wants a road helmet that's too heavy! It's so important you wear your helmet whenever you ride a bike, no matter your head size or preference. Wearing a helmet can protect you from head injuries, making them less severe and recoverable.

Take a delve into the post below to find your ideal helmet, either for yourself or for someone you love! Keep them safe and looking great this coming year, helping them to enjoy hours of riding with our fun and lightweight designs!


(Starling Bike Helmet)


We have a wide range of helmets at your fingertips. From traditional-looking helmets to more modern helmets with a pop of colour, we have everything you need. Take a delve into each type of helmet we have below, ranging from kids' helmets to adult helmets in all different colours and styles.

(Skylark Helmet) 

Skylark Helmets

Our Skylark range is a popular and traditional-looking road bicycle helmet. This helmet, like the others, offers an adjustable strap to fit your needs. Plus, it also comes in various colours! Our Skylark Range is ideal for kids and smaller adults since the sizes range from XS to Medium only.

There are three fantastic helmets at your fingertips. This helmet comes in three popping colours of Blossom Pink, Green and Blueberry. With this type of helmet, you can keep safe on the road and look super cool!

Skylark Helmet - Blossom Pink

If pink is your colour then this helmet is for you too! This Skylark Helmet in Blossom Pink comes in sizes XS and Medium, offering a traditional bike helmet look. The chin strap on this helmet too is adjustable and super strong so it's not going to fall off at all!

Skylark Helmet - Green

Another choice in the Skylark Helmet Range is the Skylark Helmet in Green! This again, comes in sizes of XS and Medium, making it perfect for kids and young adults. This range of bike helmets offers great ventilation as you ride and would be known as 'road bike helmets'.


(Starling Helmet)

Starling Helmets

We offer a wide range of colours, patterns and sizes in the Starling Range. From duck egg blue to a popping cerise, we’re bound to have the perfect colour for you! Some even come with sparkling stars to add that little bit extra!

Sizes in this range from an XS to a Large, so you’re able to match with your whole family and friends if that’s something you want!

Starling Helmet - Silver with Stars

Trying to find the right helmets for kids doesn't need to be tough! We have some super fun helmets, just like this Starling Helmet in silver with some fantastic multi-coloured stars! Your kids will be excited about wearing this helmet, keeping them safe as they ride.

Starling Helmet - Yellow

If stars aren't quite your thing but you still want to make an impression (and be visible on the road) then why not try the Starling Bike Helmet in yellow?! This helmet will ensure you're seen by road users and pedestrians alike.

It's a lightweight helmet, ranging in sizes from small, medium and large, meaning you're able to match with your kids!

Starling Helmet - Duck Egg Blue

We couldn't leave the Starling Range here without including the fantastic Starling Helmet in Duck Egg Blue. This is one of the many kids helmets and adult helmets we have to offer. It provides excellent ventilation as you and your family cycle, ensuring you won't get too hot!

(Starling Helmet)

Metric Helmets

We also have the ever-popular Metric Helmets! These helmets offer either a gloss effect or a matte effect in a wide range of subtle but stand-out colours. This range of helmets is one size fits all, so if you’re between the size of 54-62cm, this range is ideal. That’s between a Small/ Medium and Large!

If you don’t know how to measure your head for a helmet, listen closely because we’re here to help with that too! Firstly, make sure your tape measure is flexible, that’s key! Then measure your forehead and the widest point of the back of your head!

We have a full-size guide and step-by-step measuring guide at the bottom of each helmet, make sure to take a look and get the perfect size for you!


Metric Bike Helmet - Moody Blue

If you're looking for cycle helmets that stand out, then this helmet is ideal. The Metric Bike Helmet in Moody Blue is a gloss helmet with adjustable chin straps. All of our biking helmets meet safety standards so you've no need to worry!

This helmet size is one size fits all, so if you're small, medium or large, this helmet will fit you!


Metric Bike Helmet - Blueberry

If you'd rather grab yourself a matte bike helmet, this Metric Bike Helmet in Blueberry is a perfect choice! The rich colour allows you to stand out in a subtle way, whilst still keeping yourself safe on the road. This size helmet, is again, one size fits all.

All you have to do now is choose the perfect helmet for yourself or for a loved one this Christmas! With so many incredible colours and styles available, you’re not going to be short of choices!

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