10 Tips On How To Cycle Without Training

10 Tips On How To Cycle Without Training

It’s always important to make sure you train before taking on a long journey, especially if you’re planning a race, but if you want to take on a short trip without lots of training, we have some great tips for you.

Keep reading below to delve into 10 great tips you can use today - don’t forget to grab yourself some great accessories!

Helmet - Since you’ve not trained, the first step is to make sure you wear your helmet.

Ground - Your feet need to be able to touch the ground before taking off so you’re steady.

Road - Find a flat spot to ride on to begin with before you head elsewhere.

Pacing - Go slow, allow your body to warm up first before taking off at a considerable speed.

Hills - Prepare yourself for hills and take your time.

Take breaks - Regular breaks are needed if you’ve not trained for a while.

Take a friend - Riding with someone you know and love is much more enjoyable.

Prep - Bring plasters and anything else you might need before you set off.

Water - Keep up your water intake on a journey like this.

Food - It’s important to make sure your body is well fueled. 

Now you’ve got these fantastic tips, all you need to do is enjoy your bike ride!

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